Apple discontinues Apple TV Remote app for its built-in iOS TV remote app

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Just like for any other smart TV, Apple had a Remote TV app for navigating Apple TV from its iOS and iPad OS devices. Recently, a report from 9to5Mac, shows that Apple has secretly removed its TV Remote app from the Appstore. Not only from Appstore, but Apple has removed every trace of the Apple TV Remote app.

A 9to5Mac user asked Apple Support about the app and found that the official support team had no idea of the sudden app removal.

However, Apple already has a default tv remote app that you can access from the Control Centre. The Control Centre remote app option has been there since the introduction of iOS 12. So Apple pulling off its TV Remote app from App Store seems obvious.

If your device supports iOS 12 and you prefer using your iPhone or iPad as your Apple TV controller – instead of the physical remote, here’s how you can access the remote app from the Control Centre: Go to Settings > Control Centre Hold the Apple TV Remote and drag into the controls section. Now you can swipe open the Control Centre, and there you’ll see Apple TV Remote app.

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