Apple Working on its Own Search Engine like Google?

apple search engine

The news of Apple creating a search engine has been getting some heat lately, and data-driven theories show it may or may not be a real thing. 

Why does Apple Search Engine seem real?

A tech blog Coywolf recently speculated about a possibility of an Apple search engine in the making. According to a deal between Google and Apple, Google pays Apple billions of dollars to keep the search giant the default search engine for iPadOS, iOS, and macOS. On the other hand, U.K. regulators, who have been seen time by time weighing Google down, could break the deal.

Given the impact of preinstallations and defaults on mobile devices and Apple’s significant market share, it is our view that Apple’s existing arrangements with Google create a substantial barrier to entry and expansion for rivals affecting competition between search engines on mobiles.

U.K. Competition and Markets Authority Report

If so happens, it might persuade the European Union, who also dislike google due to its anti-competitive behavior, to take action. The union will aim to and remove Google as the default search engine on Apple devices and let people choose their search engine when opening Safari. If this occurs, Apple will have its search engine steady, and won’t need Google assistance/partnership anymore. 

Apple, with its search engine, could take the most valuable company in the world to new heights. So it seems a good option for Apple to take the step; in fact, the recent Apple bot and spotlight performance upgrade appears like an excellent hint for an alternative to Google search engine in work. 

Also, when using Spotlight, the search results are mostly referred to as “Siri Suggestions” which tells that Apple is using its means for searches instead of Google.

Top reasons why Apple’s search engine can help the company:

  • Ad revenue generation on search pages.
  • A profound effect on Google’s search market share.
  • More coverage for Apple services like Apple T.V. + and Apple News+

Why doesn’t Apple Search Engine seem real?

Thinknum; a company that tracks a company’s job posting and other activities, has shown data that show adverse signs of Apple search engine possibility. 

Thinknum stats show Job listing on Apple’s site for “Search” and “Search Engineer” has grown from 30 to 70 from 2017 through to 2020.

Apple search engine
Apple search engine

So, theoretically, Apple has 70 employees working on a search engine. 

Compare that to Google; the company had 127,598 employees until June, and most of the employees worked on Google Cloud and Search. The search giant adds hundreds and thousands of employees each month solely for updating and maintaining their search engine, compared to the rumours, measly 70 are working on Apple’s, which declares that Apple’s search engine may be nothing more than a tale. 

Redditors are telling that the Coywolf’s article is nothing out of the ordinary and that similar items have surfaced before as well. And have repeatedly proven wrong. Thinknum complements Coywolf for the indicative report but also say that the hiring data tells Apple search engine isn’t real.

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