Apple Silicon iMac to arrive in 2021, 32 core Mac in 2022, and more

Apple Silicon

After dumping intel chipset from MacBooks and Mac mini, Apple’s next target is iMac. It will make iMac the fourth Apple release carrying an Apple Silicon chip. There’s also an ARM-powered Mac to crush Intel to the ground planned for 2022. And some new Apple products will debut in 2021 as well. 

Apple’s MacBook Air, Pro and Mac mini switch to M1 chip displayed a drastic increase in performance with lower battery consumption. You couldn’t expect anything less from the ARM-based chips Apple has been using in iPhones and iPads. And by the year 2022, Apple is planning to obliterate intel chips from its Mac and MacBook lineup, and transition to Silicon powered chips. 

Here’s what to expect from Apple in coming years:


Redesigned 24 inch and 32 inch iMac 9 1480x833 1
Concept Redesigned 24 inch and 32 inch iMac

Aesthetically, the new iMac will follow steps of the Pro display XDR with an edge to edge design. You might also see an upgrade to an advanced Mini-led display. iMac saw the last redesign in 2012 with a thinner body visible from the sides only. This time around, the iMac fans are awaiting the front face design revamp.


Mac Pro Silicon

Bloomberg reports that Apple is working on a 32 core Mac said to blow away the fastest Intel PCs – The Apple silicon Mac may arrive sometime in 2022. For comparison: the current fastest gaming intel chipset has ten cores. The Mac will also show a significant boost in the graphic capabilities housing a GPU with 64 to 128 cores in its high-end machines.  

For later in 2021 or potentially 2022, Apple is working on pricier graphics upgrades with 64 and 128 dedicated cores aimed at its highest-end machines, the people said. Those graphics chips would be several times faster than the current graphics modules Apple uses from Nvidia and AMD in its Intel-powered hardware.

The recent M1 MacBooks and Mac mini have seven to eight cores with four high-performance processing cores and four power-saving cores. According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on mid-range desktops which will have sixteen – thirty-two core GPUs. 

Bloomberg also reports that the Silicon powered Macs would be more powerful than the latest computers with intel chips.


MacBook Pro silicon 14 inch

A larger MacBook Pro with ARM chip alongside a 13″ Silicon-based MacBook Pro with spec bump will launch next year. 

Reported by 9-to-5 Mac, Apple is working on a 14-inch MacBook Pro, says the trusted Apple analyst Ming-Ching-Kuo, adding that the fresh sized MacBook Pro might release in-between April and September 2021.  

Apart from the transitioning of Mac computers, Apple is setting to introduce more Apple products, including: 


Apple irTags
Apple irTags

AirTag is a tracker with a dedicated U1 chip found in iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. A smart tracker for your possessions. 

AirPods Max

AirPods Max
AirPods Max

Apple is going for over the ear headphones. These headphones will have an H1 chip, Hey Siri Support, head and neck position sensors, modular parts, and more. 

Updated iPad Mini

The iPad mini was released on November 12. It has been a favourite tablet for book lovers, Tv show fanatics, and Apple pencil users. Apple may introduce the iPad Air design with flat sides in the next iPad Mini.

[update] 9 dec 2020

Apple announces the AirPod Max with over-the-air design, top build quality, Noice cancellation, and more. 

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