Apple’s AirTags size revealed. Expect $39 a piece.

Apple AirTags leak

A new leak reveals Apple AirTags will be slightly larger than a 50-cent coin and cost $39.

In a Youtube video, MaxWeinBach from EverythingApple Pro shared that Apple AirTags will measure 32 mm x 32 mm x 6 mm and cost $39 per tag. 

An earlier leak from another leaker L0vetodream said Apple will launch AirTags in two sizes. But, the reason for variations is unclear.

Regarding pricing, Samsung Smart tags cost $29, and Tile tracking tags, even cheaper. 

But Apple’s AirTags cost 10 bucks more for a reason: It’s that Samsung SmartTags and Tiles use Bluetooth, meaning they can track in a low distance only. On the other hand, Apple AirTags will use UltraWideBand technology which will offer accurate and farther position tracking than the age-old Bluetooth.

The evidence that makes it certain that we are finally getting the item tracking accessory from Apple is in iOS 14.5 beta. The update adds a new tab in the Find My app tagged “item.” 

The question left is; when will Apple announce AirTags.

Jon Posser, who is in the same ball-park as other prolific leakers, tells in a YouTube video that he expects an Apple event in April. However, Jon himself is unsure about the event. Apple’s last April event was 11 years ago. Well, maybe an April fool? I hope not.

What are AirTags?

AirTags are small circular devices with attachment options such as adhesives, keychains etc. The accessory will allow you to track belongings such as bags, keys, cars, or maybe even your toddler in case he plans to explore the attic. 

According to Max Weinbach, the AirTags will use the Find My network from devices to send the UUID of the AirTag to the Apple server for pinging. No other data from the tags get transferred. 

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