ARM Chipset Will Evolve Gaming on Mac, Apple’s Goodbye to Intel

Apple silicon M1

Update: Apple’s 12-inch MacBook will have the first ARM chipset ever on a Mac. The report first seen on 9to5 Mac, comes from supply chain TSMC; Apple’s only supplier of A-series chipsets.

Apple has big plans for the future of gaming, with news of AR/VR arriving anytime soon. Apple announced in WWDC that they are withdrawing intel processors from Macs. Stating that they are transitioning to “ARM chips” introduced in Apple’s first iPad tablet in 2014. 

The new MacBook will come with all new chips, boards, screens, and modify the MacBook radically. 

ARM; Gaming, Performance and Graphics

Apple believes their ARM chips will give a bump to its already powerful MacBooks. It promises performance, quality never seen in intel processor-based Macs.

Graphic design website Creative Bloq agrees. Saying Macs with ARM processors will top the laptops for graphic designing and video editing. It’s a sturdy claim seeing heavy machines on the list.

Talking of high performance, Apple’s Silicon is going to change the way Macs are perceived in terms of gaming – As you might already know if you have tried gaming on Intel-based Mac or seen reviews: it’s awful.

But thus is not the case with ARM powered iPhones and iPads.

Ever seen anyone telling you some game is lagging on his iPhone/ iPad, Or that it is of low quality? Probably not. An earlier iPhone would easily outperform the latest smartphones.

That explains a lot why Apple should transition to their ARM chipsets. It’ll be the beginning of a new era of gaming on Mac, and yes it includes AAA games as well.

According to Apple, CPU performance in the iPhone has surged up-to 100x in the past decade and so has the iPad Pro GPU, which delivers 1000x the performance of the first iPad.

Johny Srouji, Senior Vice President of hardware technologies says that the iPad Pro is faster than a plethora of PC laptops, and this foreshadows how well their architecture will scale into the Mac.

And Tim Cook says that with the powerful features and industry-leading performance of Apple Silicon, Mac will become robust and more capable than ever. Tim says he’s never been more excited about the future of Mac, continues Apple’s CEO. 

All in One MacBook?

Sources suggest that Silicon move might boil down the MacBook lineup – From Air to Pro – into a single MacBook.  

That, it might amalgamate the power of MacBook Pro and the thinner better thermal efficiency of MacBook Air into one product what could be called The New MacBook Or MacBook Prier? Who knows?

Why Apple left intel?

Apple’s decision of moving from intel to ARM is due to the slow annual improvements in the performance of Intel chips, states Bloomberg. Apple believes their Silicon chips can heighten performance more rapidly than intel. It also reports that Apple’s internal tests show noticeable performance gains on ARM chipsets in comparison to intel chips, more prominently in graphic performance and Artificial Intelligence apps.

Developers are on their way to utilise the power of the silicon.

Microsoft is already working on Office for ARM-based Macs, and adobe isn’t sitting either and working on creative cloud apps. 

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