Expect 2021 iPhone with In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

iphone screen touch id technology 2021

It hasn’t been long since the launch of iPhone 12 and we are already filling up with what 2021 iPhone has to offer. What upgrades it will have, how it will retain its status as the best smartphone in the world. One of the most anticipated features in the next iPhone is the in-display fingerprint sensor.

The feature is not new in the smartphone world, and many Android phones already come with it. But, this is how it has always been. Apple doesn’t reveal a feature until it’s perfect from every angle. 

Joanna Stern from Wall Street Journal reports “two former Apple employees” told him Apple is working on an on-screen fingerprint scanner. And, that it uses the optical sensor instead of ultrasonic fingerprint seen in Samsung Galaxy S21. 

A brief explanation of how ultra-sonic fingerprint works:

It uses ultra-sound to make up an image of your fingerprint that allows it to work in situations when your hands are wet or messy. The ultrasonic technology is also more expensive than optical sensors. 

The optical sensor, on the other hand, lightens up the part where you place your finger. It then proceeds to tiny cameras taking pictures of the finger to compare with the stored image. 

Unlike ultrasonic scanner, the optical sensor allows you to place your finger anywhere on the screen to unlock the device. This trait is helpful because you are not bound to press your fingerprint on a particular place on the screen. It’s also an advantage for single-handed use of the phone.

The WSJ also reports that the iPhone 13 will include features that the Samsung flagship the Galaxy S21 house.  

A reliable Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo has previously reported that Apple iPhone 13 series will come with an on-screen fingerprint scanner. 

Seeing the parade of the pandemic that requires a face mask. Apple adding fingerprint security can prove beneficial, and less annoying to take off the mask, or find alternate ways to bypass face-id.

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