An iPhone can increase your chances of Getting Dates by 76%; Study Shows

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A recent study shows that if you are not getting the right swipes in dating apps, then the problem might be in your choice of smartphone and gadgets.

CompareMyMobile created 50,000 fake profiles and surveyed across 15 cities, including New York, to find out if your gadget has any role in search of your better half. In the survey, all profiles were identical, except for the brand of technology it showed.

Then the results came: Profiles with iPhone got a whopping 76% more right swipes, followed by Apple Watch with 61%, and AirPods with 41%. Then came Samsung with a 19% acceptance rate. Google Pixel and other Android devices had an unbelievably sore swipe rate. The exact opposite of Apple’s demand was Blackberry, with an absurd rejection rate of 74%.

It’s a clear sign for searchers to understand that girls give more value to your choice of smartphone and gadgets, or rather just APPLE products than your car. Who knew a piece of the device could be a deciding factor of the love of your life.

If you are a blackberry fan, don’t give up yet. A potential BlackBerry is under production, and we may hear the news anytime soon of a better phone from the company. As for now, Blackberry can kill your chances of matching your future partner. So better keep away from it.

Get some Apple gadgets to increase your chances of getting matches. Who knows, it might lead to the love of your life.

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