Self-driving Apple Car and Radically Cheaper Battery arriving in 2025-2027

Apple Car to arrive in 2025 2017

The news that Apple Car will enter the automotive arena in 2024 has been hot past days. It’s “too bullish”, said the top wall street analyst Ming-Ching Kuo, the most trusted source for leaked Apple news.

Reuters reported earlier that Apple would introduce its self-driving, artificially intelligent electronic vehicle by 2024. Though, it will have a “breakthrough” battery design that will “radically” reduce the cost of batteries. Kuo says Apple might not launch the futuristic vehicle until 2025 – 2027. Says realistically speaking, Apple car

According to MacRumours, Cupertino’s self-driving phenomenon is in its building stages, and even its specifications are unclear yet. The news of Apple launching an EV by 2024 was reported by Kuo himself. But recently he informed the investors about his new prediction.

Kuo shows some concern regarding the launch date. He said that by the time Apple plans to launch their EV. Its current competitors would have more data about AI and deep learning. Which, according to him, is more valuable than hardware.

If Apple Car is to be successful in the future, the key success factor is big data and AI, not hardware. One of the biggest concerns about Apple Car is that, by the time it launches, current self-driving car brands will have amassed at least five years of big data. How will Apple overcome this delay?

Apple analyst – Ming Ching Kuo

It’s exciting enough that the legendary Silicon Valley company is planning to enter the Automotive industry. Apple’s attention to detail and innovations are not hidden from living eyes. Fans expect the delay is just Apple ensuring their auto is like nothing ever seen before. Not even like any current self-driving EVs. It’s pretty popular that Apple doesn’t do anything until they know their product is perfect.

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