No U1 Chip for Ultra-Wideband in Apple’s AirPods Max

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Apple introduced its ultra-wideband U1 chip in iPhone 11 and also implemented it in AirPods and the iPhone 12 lineup. Before launch rumours said that Apple will add a U1 in its over-ear headphones. However, specs on Apple website and people, who got their hands on the new headphones, suggest there is just an H1 chip in each ear-cup.

Now don’t confuse H1 as an alternative to the U1 chip. The H1 chip is present in AirPod Max for computational audio craftiness and smart features like those in AirPods. Whereas the U1 chip offers Ultra-Wide Broadband radio technology for transferring big loads of data with enhanced spatial awareness.

Similar to Bluetooth LE technology, UWB(ultra-wideband) uses low-energy radio technology offering short-range wireless data transfers with speeds up to 27 megabits per second, less speedy than Wifi but much faster than Bluetooth.

The U1 chip can detect other U1 equipped devices with pinpoint accuracy. Apple says the U1 gives powers of a GPS at the scale of your living room. The chip also introduces a directional Airdrop feature, meaning if you want to share a file using AirDrop, point your device towards theirs and they will be at the top of your list. 

Currently, the U1 chip comes in the iPhone 11 lineup, the iPhone 12 lineup, Apple Watch Series 6 models and the HomePod mini. However, the mysterious capabilities of the U1 chip are still not surfaced. But the enhanced location tracking, more precise and updated Find My feature, and the rumoured AirTags are signs that the amazing chip has a lot to offer.

AirPods Max started pre-ordering on December 8. Shipping started today bringing new news about luxury headphones. One: The headphones don’t come with a charger due to environmental purposes. Two: There’s no audio cable for wired usage. People are enticed about their new headphones, though the price still remains a concern. Here’re a few reactions of the buyers:

Vin says AirPods Max has better ANC(Adaptive Noice Cancelling) than Sony XM4.

Todd says, its his first separately bought headphone and gives amazing sound!

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