Record, Edit, & Play Cinematic Movies with Dolby Vision on iPhone 12

iPhone 12 the best camera on a phone

Apple has overhauled the camera systems by adding a LiDAR scanner, and cinematic filming capabilities to its iPhone 12. Now you can reenact and make the new Fast and Furious movie with iPhone’s Dolby Vision enabled camera. And view Dolby Vision HDR videos(like on Netflix etc) on your iPhone, in stunning clarity.

What is Dolby Vision?

iPhone 12 with Dolby Vision HDR
Dolby Vision HDR(left) vs SDR(right) [Src:Dolby]

Dolby Vision is a format that has revolutionized the filming industry and video creators. It has allowed them to produce videos with higher colour accuracy, better contrast, and more brightness never seen before. You may have heard of 4k; While 4k technology adds more pixels, Dolby Vision contributes to HDR’s advancement (High Dynamic Range).

Summary: The Higher the Dynamic Range(HDR) of your display or camera, the more realistic visuals you can view or capture. In other words, Dolby Vision enables you to experience colours never seen on a screen along with brighter brights and darker darks.

Which iPhones have Dolby Vision?

Apple is one of the few companies providing support for Dolby Vision HDR video playback in mobile phones. Devices include iPhone X, Xs, Xs Pro Max, and the recent iPhone 12 lineup.

With the introduction of the iPhone 12, Apple enables shooting Dolby Vision HDR movies to the iPhone 12 lineup. While the fps may vary. You can record Dolby Vision at 60fps on iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. While on iPhone 12 and 12 mini, you can record Dolby Vision at 30 fps. The Dolby Vision support opens whole new horizons for professional movie making using just an iPhone.

iPhone 12 Promo – Makes movies like the movies

The latest ad from Apple portrays the possibility of “making movies like movies” using the iPhone 12 Pro Dolby Vision. The promo shows unique and quirky ways to shoot movies on the iPhone 12 without standard professional tools and gears.

The promo shows iPhone 12 as:
“The only camera that can shoot, edit, and playback in Dolby Vision.”

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