Samsung to Remove Charger from S21 Box after Mocking Apple, again…

Samsung Copy Apple – Removes charger from S21 after mocking Apple scaled

Korean sources suggest that Samsung is on its way to remove the Charging adapter and headphones from Samsung S21 – to be announced in 2021. The news comes a few days after Samsung boasted about including a power adapter with their phones, unlike Apple.

Samsung satisfying their conscience by mocking Apple’s moves, and later on mimicking them isn’t something new. And this isn’t an opinion; Samsung copying acts are hidden to none. It’s astounding that Samsung ridicules Apple repeatedly and imagines its users have a short memory span of a Goldfish. 

Below are some stories of Samsung mocking and mimicking Apple’s journey.

The Start

The initial days of Samsung smartphones were nothing but crappy devices. By that time, nearly three years past, Apple was already reigning the smartphone industry. Samsung got quick to go with the flow, while Blackberry and Nokia decided to play their moves, which is why these companies have failed miserably. 

However, Samsung’s decision to be adept at smartphone manufacturing was apparently through making copies of iPhones in the best way. It might sound like coming out from an Apple fan, but it’s factual. Zach Epstein from BGR reports that Samsung wrote a book for its engineers on copying Apple Pixel by pixel

And the move dramatically improved Samsung’s demand. Then, the typical Samsung move to degrade Apple; it launched a multi-billion dollar ad campaign showing iPhone users as mindless sheep. Watch the full ad below.

Bye, Jack

With the introduction of the iPhone 7, Apple removed the headphone jack. After some time, typical Samsung decided to remove the jack from its devices as well. Of course, it didn’t happen before Samsung created an ad mocking Apple over removing the headphone jack. And Samsung continued “trying” to show itself the better technology leader by demeaning its undisputed rival Apple.

However, as Samsung revealed its Note 10 and 10+ without headphone jacks, Samsung’s headphone mocking ad was silently pulled off YouTube. Message to Samsung: please focus on your company.

Notch so cool

Samsung released a series of ingenious ads to mock Apple in any way they can. One of the videos in the string pointed to the top-notch introduced in iPhone X. 

Though Samsung is right, the notch can come in the way, but the iPhone needed it for its True-depth camera system for facial ID security. 

But, guess what Samsung did after mocking it? They added a notch-like feature in its A8S, which looks like a hole punch at the top display.

Samsung’s series of Apple mockery in-genius ads were not funny, but you know what’s funny? Samsung removing their whole ad series quietly after releasing Note 10. Want to know why? Thankfully there are copies of ad on youtube so watch the series below:


Okay, so you can’t innovate hardware, but a graphic “icon”? This blatant copying was seen in CES 2020. It’s just an icon that Samsung copied, but it’s Apple’s trademark for the FaceID icon that it copied!

Seriously? Even the most avid Samsung supporters are facepalming over the ridiculous acts of Samsung. The Samsung insider has given up. He tweets:


After losing so many lawsuits, Samsung continuously revives its image as an Apple stealer. Even though Samsung has shown innovative ideas such as the edge feature and revealed radically different smartphones, it seems Samsung couldn’t break the habit of copying Apple. 

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