Shooting at Lenox Square Apple Store

Shooting at Apple Store

Lenox Square is one of the premier shopping malls In United States. But the site is gaining criminal traction in recent years. The area has seen the fourth incident involving guns, in the same year, with one taking place inside an Apple Store. The Apple retailers at the luxury mall, being one of the prime Apple outlets, is losing fanbase with people afraid to visit the location. 

Following are some illegal occurrences seen at Lenox Square in 2020;

At the Apple-store 

The Atlanta’s Lenox Square Mall Apple store located in the 3300 block of Peachtree Road saw a shooting inside the shop. Reports tell; a guy was shot on buttocks after an argument took place in a group – the officer referred to as suspects. The victim was later taken to the hospital for treatment. 

The investigators say that one of the suspects attacked the victim and ran away in a vehicle which they believe to be a Blue Chrysler Pacifica. A suspect is also in custody and under interrogation, tells an officer. 

Other incidents near Apple Store

In October, a gunfire took place inside Neiman Marcus. Three people were arrested on the scene.  

In March, a person got killed in the parking lot over a parking place dispute. Officers told the media that the two groups went inside the shopping mall and continued arguing after exiting the shopping-centre. The month before, a man got shot in the stomach while drug dealing outside Bloomingdales’ parking lot.

In January, two men were caught robbing a man. Witnessing the scene a cop pulled a shot leaving one suspect wounded, and the other, arrested.

The most recent frenzy occurred the past Saturday, which was a snafu with a man accidentally discharging a gun while adjusting his pants. At the scene, the real story was not known to the panicking people. But still, the outburst placed a dark mark to Lenox Square. 

The Apple Store location where the shooting occurred was relocated from elsewhere in the mall.

Major Andrew Senzer of Atlanta police said he assures a mall is still a safe place for the public. He said that APD(Atlanta Police Department) will take all possible steps to put an end to crimes.

“This is a prime concern for us. We have dedicated a tremendous amount of resources to this area and we will continue to do so until we can take back this space.

Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields said in an statement:

“We will not, under any circumstances, allow lawlessness to destroy one of Atlanta’s most beloved and long-standing retail institutions,” Shields said, “APD has made arrests in all three previous shootings that have occurred on mall property since December, and I’m confident an arrest will be made in Sunday’s murder.”

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