The Most Awaited iPhone 13 Features

iPhone 13

Many people haven’t still had the iPhone 12, and rumours of the iPhone 13 are already on fire.The top rumours suggest that iPhone 13 may include a massive 1 Terabyte of storage, a 120Hz always-on display, LiDAR Scanner, with features more surfacing every day. 

Here are the most anticipated and hot iPhone 13 rumours/features.

1 TB storage!

Several reports suggest iPhone 13 will introduce two times the current highest storage capacity offered by an Apple iPhone 12 Pro, which comes with 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. 

Presently, the only Apple device offering 1 TB storage is the iPad Pro.

The 1 TB storage has already been seen in the top Android smartphones, but by now we all know that Apple doesn’t launch anything until it’s perfectly crafted to Apple standards/values. So I am sure the wait is worth it for the iPhone users. 

120 Hz Display with Always-on screen

iPhone 13 always on display with 120 Hz display
iPhone 13 always on display and a 120 Hz

The expectancy of a 120 Hz display rate was hot on the iPhone 12 but, the iPhone 12 came with the usual 60 Hz display rate. The move from Apple is understandable because of the high battery demands of the 5g.

This time around, the 120Hz display which will have a smoother, faster experience, is likely to introduce in the iPhone 13 Pro. The android competitors including Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, OnePlus 8T already come with the feature. 

What about the always-on display? That’s right. The iPhone 13 is also rumoured to have an always-on display which the company introduced in the Apple Watch Series 5 in 2019. As reported by Max Wein Bach via EverythingApplePro; the always-on screen will persistently show clock and battery icons.  

“Always-on display will have minimal customisability,” Continues Weinbach, saying, “Current design looks like a toned-down lock screen. Clock and battery charge is always visible.”

LiDAR Scanner For All?

Hot lava AR Lidar Scanner
Hot lava AR Lidar Scanner on iPad Pro

Rumours suggest that the iPhone 13 lineup may house the the LiDAR Scanner. Unlike the current situation, where LiDAR Scanner comes only in Pro and Pro Max models of the iPhone. However, top Apple leakers are still not sure about the addition of feature in the complete iPhone 13 lineup.

The LiDAR Scanner throws infrared lights that enable 3d sensing of objects up to 5 meters. The futuristic tech brings a surreal Augmented Reality experience.

In-screen Fingerprint 

iPhone 13 touch id
iPhone 13 ultrasonic touch id

Another hot rumour circulating the Apple iPhone hemisphere for a while is about Apple adding an In-screen fingerprint in iPhone 13. However, the prolific leaker, Ming Ching Kuo, is unclear whether it’s happening or not;

The market expects the iPhone to abandon Lightning in favor of USB-C and equip the power button with the Touch ID sensor, but our latest survey indicates that there is no visibility on the current schedule for the iPhone to adopt these two new specifications.

We believe that the iPhone will significantly improve the user experience if it adopts the power button with the Touch ID sensor. However, currently, there is no visibility on the timing of adopting this new specification.

Ming Ching Kuo


Apart from these, the Apple world is booming with more rumours like improved camera, shallower notch, no port iPhone 13 pro models and more. Apple fans including me are excited what Apple will bring to our shelves. 

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