This Week’s Top Stories about Apple

Apple Car Foldable iPhone and more stories from Apple

The Apple world is busy with rumours of new products like Apple Car, Apple AR, Foldable iPhones, 120 Hz display and more, hyping Apple fans. Here are three of this week’s happenings surrounding Apple.

Apple’s CarKey getting Ultra Wideband tech, BMW to initiate

Digital CarKey plus BMW
Digital Key plus BMW with UWB tech

BMW, in collaboration with Apple, is set to be among the first car manufacturers to adopt UltraWideBand technology. The technology is named Digital Key Plus. It will allow users to unlock their car without pulling their iPhones from their pocket. Previously, users had to bring the iPhone to proximity to the car’s handle to unlock their car door.

The new technology will also minus the need for a car key to start your car. Instead, you can place it on a Qi-enabled tray and start car’s engine.

The Ultra-Wideband technology is a breakthrough wireless signal transmitter with the likes of Bluetooth but operates at much higher frequency. The UWB tech was expected in the Apple AirPods Max headphones but failed to come with it. Though, future Apple devices might utilise UWB technology in most of them.

Multidirectional Foldable iPhone

foldable iphone gear hinges patent
Foldable iPhone gear hinges patent

With rumours progressively displaying regarding folding iPhones. A new patent from Apple suggests that the foldable iPhone may fold in multiple directions. This means that you could either open and close it like a book or you can fold outwardly with two screens opposing on both sides.

This iPhone will use gears hinges for strengthening the foldings. Though it might cause concerns regarding screen real-estate. Apple’s filing with USPTO describes that portability might affect the screen real-estate causing loss of user’s interest due to visibility of lesser information.

“At the same time, it can be difficult to enlarge the size of electronic devices too much to accommodate larger displays, because this can make devices bulky.” reads a description in filings.

Samsung uses iPhone to tweet Galaxy Unpacked promo


In a recent tweet by Samsung’s US division, the company was seen promoting their upcoming Unpacked hardware event through its nemesis company Apple’s iPhone.

The tweet said, “With #SamsungUnpacked drawing closer, we’re working hard to bring you some exciting news. Which field of innovation and advancement are you hoping to see us reveal?”

The tweet is deleted but Apple insider managed to screenshot it before it was taken off of the social media.

It’s not the first time that Samsung has made their fans face palm, as one of Samsung’s gaffe was seen in the 2020 CES event when Samsung used the Apple’s FaceID trademark icon to visualise their facial recognition feature “Samsung Pass”.

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