AirPods Max doesn’t have a Power Button, Apple speaks

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The long-rumored, premium over-the-ear headphones from Apple, the AirPods Max, are out but users are astonished that they don’t include a switch-off button seen in traditional wireless headphones. Consequently, people are giving mixed reactions to Apple’s move. Some say it’s because Apple likes its products clean and bump-free,(though it does have a noise-canceling button). Others are saying comments like, “POWER button to the people”, and some are advising that Apple could double the volume button as a power-off button through long pressing.

But what made Apple substitute the power button on its wireless headphones? Well, here’s what:

Promising 20 hours of battery life, Apple’s AirPods Max come with three power state modes. The first one is when you are using your headphones. The second is the lower power mode, that activates when the headphones are idle. And the third is the ultra-lower power mode where the Bluetooth and tracking feature Find My are disabled. 

Concerning the use of headphones’ case, MacRumours tested AirPods Max case and found it used up to 4% battery in 4 hours while idle without the case, and 1%, inside the case in the same 4 hours, which isn’t drastic, and unnecessary if used regularly.

What the headphone case does is vary the time it takes to switch to ultra lower power mode. When left idle with a case on, the headphones switch to ultra power mode in 18 hours. And 72 hours without it. This is handy because if you lost your headphones(and don’t lose your senses… I know I would) it’s probably out of the case, which gives you some extra time to make use of the tracking features.  


Apple engineers its products that are efficienct and time-saving. It’s MacBook is no exception – just close and open the lid and you’re back to the game. One of the reasons why Apple is so lovable. But for those voting against, well, you know everyone will adopt this sooner or later.

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