Download Manager Now on Safari in iOS 13, Finally!

First picture of download in iOS 13 post

I can’t believe it’s finally happened. Apple has decided to allow its users to download files easily from its Safari browser with the introduction of a download manager in the Safari browser on its latest; iOS 13.

A light on the past: Previously, what happened, is that when you tried to download a file on your iOS or your iPad, instead of downloading it, it opened its preview in a new tab or a window. If you were a new iPhone or iPad user, it would have been an annoying iPhone or iPad revelation.

But, not to worry, good things come late in life. You can now download files in your safari browser with the addition of a download manager, and I am quite hopeful it will soon be coming to other browsers as well, such as Google Chrome on your Apple devices.

Downloading files in Safari…

Now, when you click your download link. Safari will open a Download prompt. Asking if you want to download your file. By default, the file will be downloaded in your iCloud. But, you can change that.

How to Change the default Download Manager folder

If you want to change the default location of your downloaded files, it is very easy. Just tap into the settings of your iPhone or iPad, and then tap Safari. Now scroll down and you’ll see a fresh entry in the latest Apple OSs: Downloads. Tap on it. Now, by default, it would be set to the iCloud Drive but, If you wish to download files on your iPhone instead, just tap On My iPhone, and your files would now download to your iPhone or iPad storage.

If you wish to set another location for the download on your iPhone, you can tap “Other…“. Tap it. You’ll also see other storage locations like Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

Although, Apple has gotten late to add such a mainstream feature, which Androids may had at birth. Still, adding a download option is a relief for Apple users and fans who want to save files for offline use.

How happy are you with the ability to download in iPhones? Tell us in comments below!

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