10+ Hot tips to Save your iPhone’s Battery Life

Battery drainage might be the only issue I’ve ever had since I became an iPhone user. There are many reasons for instance; iPhone provides amazing experiences on its iOS which are both graphic demanding and processor hogging. The least you could do is stick away from such features that you don’t really need, if you wish to save your iPhone’s battery.

Here are some quick fixes to help you get more out of your iPhone, and how you can do it

Place iPhone Face Down

iPhone faced down save iPhone battery life

The first one is a rather guide than a how-to. You see iPhone has sensors on its front that detect light. So when you get new messages or notifications your iPhone assumes you are available and ready to respond to notifications, messages etc. But the light up takes some amount of battery. In order to prevent that small battery usage, ensure your iPhone is placed front faced down, so as to not detect any light.

Turn on Low Power Mode

To get more battery life, this can be your best option. By default your iPhone will suggest turning on Low Power Mode when your battery is at 20%, though you can change as you like. Here’s how can you enable it from settings:

  1. Goto Settings.
iPhone Settings
iPhone Settings
  1. Scroll down and tap on Battery.
iPhone Battery
  1. Now tap Low Power Mode
iPhone battery low power mode

After enabling this your battery sign will turn yellow, indicating you are on Low Power Mode.

Activate Dark Mode

Dark Mode came in silently and now rules over all the apps and sites. One major reason of its popularity is that it makes any medium look elegant. Just incase you are unaware, it also saves battery life. Here’s how you can enable the Dark Mode:

  1. Head to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Display & Brightness
iPhone battery Display and Brightness
  1. Now tap on Dark
iPhone Dark Mode

Toggle off Automatic so it remains set in the day time as-well.

Don’t use Live or Dynamic wallpapers

Live or dynamic wallpapers may seem different, or visually appealing to some, but the truth is it can significantly lower your iPhones battery. So, if you are good with still wallpaper on your lock or home screen, it’s better to stay with them. Here’s how to switch to still wallpaper.

  1. Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Wallpaper, tap.
iPhone Wallpaper change
  1. Now tap Choose a New Wallpaper
Choose New Wallpaper
  1. Here you can either use the default still iPhone wallpapers, or pick one from your Photos.
iPhone still wallpaper

Turn off motion effects for iPhone Battery

iPhone is well known for its attention to details in its transition effects. It feels like everything just connected. Yes it hogs battery. Here’s how to disable transitioning, and other effects on your iPhone for lesser battery drainage.

  1. Go, Settings.
  2. Scroll down, and tap Accessibility.
IMG 3632
  1. Tap on Motion.
iPhone battery Motion
  1. Turn off Reduce Motion
Reduce Motion iPhone Battery

It’s best to turn off all the motion effects on this screen, if you are fine without them.

Turn Off Screen Time

Many iPhone users have reported a higher battery drainage due to Screen time. A partial reason could be its tracking and scheduling features. So, if you are good without Screen Time, disabling won’t bulge you. Here’s how you can disable it:

  1. Settings.
  2. Tap Screen Time
Screen Time for iPhone Battery 1
  1. Scroll to bottom, and tap Turn Off Screen Time
Turn off screen time

Note: All your set limits, downtimes, privacy restrictions And reports will stop as well.

Turn this on for Optimised iPhone Battery Charging

This smart feature was introduced in iOS 13. When enabled, it learns from your charging habits. For example, if your iPhone is at 80% and you plug-in your iPhone before bed, it will stop charging and continue and complete it just before your daily wake up time, your phone has learned you normally wake up at. Here’s how to turn on optimised battery charging:

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Battery.
  3. Tap on Battery Health.
iPhone Battery Health
  1. Look at the bottom, and you’ll see Optimized Battery Charging. Tap and turn it on.
Optimized iPhone battery charging

Note: On the same screen you’ll see an option: Maximum Capacity. Apple suggests If it shows anything lower than 80%, it might be time to replace your battery, as it could also be the reason for battery drainage.

Lower audio volume

If you are charging your iPhone near your work place, and not planning to move away from your device consider lowering your audio volume for a small battery saving.

Turn Down Device Brightness

A high brightness level is unnecessary in usual usage, and it drains a lot of your battery. Try to keep your brightness to the level where it’s comfortable to use. Not only will this save your precious battery, but also will be less strenuous to eyes.

Disable Hey Siri

Yes, because its not just Hey Siri feature but there is an always on microphone waiting for your voice input, that takes away your battery. If you don’t use the Apple assistant, it’s better to switch it off. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Head to Settings
  2. Scroll down, and tap on Siri & Search
  3. Toggle Listen to “Hey Siri” off.
Listen for Hey Siri off

Turn off Location services

Some apps like maps require location tracking, but it gets frustrating when you don’t know why an app requires access to your location. Location tracking can take up plenty of your battery. Here’s how to save battery.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Privacy.
  1. At the top, tap on Location Services
Location Services
  1. Now, toggle Location Services to turn it off completely
    Select the app below you want to allow to track your location, and under which conditions selecting: “Never”(to stop app from tracking completely), “Ask Next Time”(To ask you next time app wants to track your location) or “While using the App(To track only while the app is open)”.
Toggle Location Services


So these were some of the ways to maximise your iPhone’s battery life. The internet is full of guides and tips to help save battery life that may help or not. Turning off all the features, what’ll be the point of a smartphone. But, cutting off the features you don’t need is not a bad idea in the end.

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