Top 5 features in macOS Catalina

macos catalina

Apple has released its latest and best version of its efficient MacOS: The MacOS Catalina. It has an array of new features that Apple has tirelessly worked hard on in order to make it more convenient and efficient for its fans and users to enjoy Mac.

Below are the top 5 features that macOS Catalina offers.


One of the hot features offered by macOS Catalina is the support for iPad as a second screen for your Mac. This can help you in two ways: The first way enables you to use the iPad as a second monitor or a second screen. The second way allows users to experience macOS on the iPad. It will enable you to utilize the unique interactive methods of an iPad, like, using the Apple Pencil; on macOS.

Sidecar can be used wirelessly and wired as well. Make sure to keep the iPad within 10 meters of your Mac if you want to use it wirelessly so as not produce any connection problems. SideCar also supports the Touch Bar. So if your Mac application has the Touch Bar support, it’ll be visible at the bottom of your iPad.

Using iPad as a Wacom Tablet

Sidecar also paves the path for Designers, Illustrators and drawing artists to harness the best Wacom Tablet alternative that could exist; the Apple iPad. Why am I boasting it that much? Well, if you have ever used an iPad, you probably know why. It’s because it has the best graphics, gives the best performance and blows away every other touch-interacted device available in the market.

Screen Time

Screen Time was introduced in iOS 12 has now arrived in Mac with the Catalina. If you are still not aware of what screen time is, well, its a tool that allows you to limit and analyze your usage on your Apple devices. It has dominant features like Downtime, App Limits as well as, content filters. With the addition of Screen Time on Mac, you can now share your screen Time settings on all your Apple devices interconnecteldly.

It has concrete parental controls, so you know about your child’s screen activities including who he is communicating with, right from your Apple Device. It’s a great tool and promotes productivity for you and your loved ones.

Updated Photos App

The new Photos app encases some significant updates as well. It includes picking the best photos for you and skipping the poorly shot photos and the duplicate ones. Furthermore, it possesses machine learning which caters to your memories and highlights important events and moments for you. Last but not least, your Live Photos will now autoplay as you go through the library.

iTunes Replaced with Apple Music, Podcasts and TV

Apple has officially disclosed the end of iTunes at WWDC 2019, at the time Catalina was launched. Apple made it certain that iTunes is leaving and to fill up its place three media managers: Apple Music, Podcasts and TV will take on the rest of the journey with Apple.

macOS Catalina is a game-changer for Apple and induces a lot more changes and revamps that the apple users are sure to be left satisfied with.

What do you think is the best feature of Catalina? Leave your comments below.

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