How to Add Music to iPhone with iTunes

How to Add Music to iPhone

You may have switched to iPhone recently and are clueless, as to where and how in the world do I add music to iPhone. Because it’s not like Android, where you connect your Smartphone to Pc and copy the files to your mobile And are ready to see it on every multimedia app on the Android mobile phone Or maybe you just happen to be in some music mood but don’t know how to listen to it on iPhone.

It’s different, but no difficult. You will get a hang of it after the first try.

How to Add Music to iPhone from iTunes

Download and install iTunes for your PC or Mac from Here

Connect your iPhone to the computer

Open iTunes and wait for it to complete the syncing process. It will show the Apple logo when it’s done syncing,

Sync iPhone to add music to iPhone
When iPhone is synced


Click the phone icon.

Click the phone icon to add music to iPhone


Now click on Summary on the left sidebar and scroll down on the right.


Check the box saying: Manually manage music and videos

How to manually add Music to iPhone



Now, simply drag and drop your music or movies(if you’ve selected Movies in the left bar) to the iTunes’ window. That’s it!

Drag and Drop Music or videos to iPhone

Tip: Use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + left/ right to align the window to the left and right, good if you want to drag and drop anything.

Update: Go to How to Add Downloaded Music or Movies from Computer to iPhone or iPad for a more reliable and preferred way to enjoy Music on your iPhone.


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