Aloha Browser For Mobiles with Free VPN

Aloha free vpn for iOS

Is Aloha browser Chrome’s competitor? Could be. I am not saying no. And this is coming out of a Chrome fan. This browser has all the qualities an online surfer could wish for, from beautiful design to outstanding performance and Oh, did I mention FREE VPN?

Searching for best browsers for iPhone and Android. I stumbled upon this beautiful app Aloha. Since then it has become my choice for surfing online.

Honestly, I’ve never used a browser with so many qualities before, wih features such as VR(side by side) video mode and video download support from different video websites.

Aloha is one the best browsers out there or maybe the best browser out there for Android and iOS.

Best Aloha Browser Features:


It is super fast, thanks to Hardware Acceleration, it is the reason it provides 2x times with the speed of other browsers out there.

Download Videos:

You can download videos from websites which don’t have copyright issues. without any irritation. It is simple and reliable. So downloading problem is solved.


Just like chrome incognito browser. Aloha packs private browser too, with a simple push of a button. You are safe from history remnants.

Free VPN:

One of the most attractive and sort after features when browsing online is VPN. And Aloha provides complete privacy with free VPN. What else do you need?

Media Player with VR support right out of the box!

Aloha comes with a full-featured media player. It plays all types of videos easily. Added is a VR player which turns your 2d videos into 3d videos. Immersive.

Ad block

Aloha also comes with Ad blocking functionality, so you don’t have to see anything out of your heart’s content.

Check out Aloha browser in Appstore and Playstore. Try it yourself, you won’t regret it.


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