Apple Fitness+ the only Fitness App You Need

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What is Apple Fitness+ ? 

Apple Fitness+ is the latest subscription-based fitness app by Apple. Amid the pandemic when people can’t hit the gym, the service can help you stay in shape. Apple fitness+ uses monitoring features of Apple Watch to guide you through the exercises while keeping track of your body’s response to your workout session.

What you’ll need?

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Apple’s Fitness+ service is available on Apple Watch 3 or above, Apple TV, iPad and iPhone. It’s fine as long as you breathe in the Apple Ecosystem. For those who are not, you’ll be needing to expend on Apple devices, which I know don’t come cheap. But if you want a top of the line fitness training, with high-quality videos, motivation to keeping fit and more Apple Fitness+ setup can be a good one-time investment.

How it works?

Fitness Plus

The subscription gives you access to videos guided by health experts with charming accents, that take you step by step throughout the fitness class of your choice. The Apple Watch uses its sensors to monitor your blood oxygen level, and heart rate in real-time. You don’t need to lift up your wrist, as your Apple TV will show all the metrics on screen.

Workouts are distributed among 10 types; including treadmill run, treadmill walk, stationary bike, rowing, dance, strength training, core, yoga, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and cool-down. 

Does it require any equipment?

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The best part is that you don’t need physical equipment in most of the training classes. Some exercises which require equipment can be substituted with equipment less workouts. 

Is it Beginner-Friendly?

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Simplicity is in the DNA of Apple. The Fitness+ provides a dedicated section for beginners featuring 10-20 minute long workouts, where some sessions may require light dumbbells, it’s possible to complete the beginner’s program without any equipment. 

The main program is for both newbies and fitness fanatics. Each workout is performed by three instructors. One instructor hosts the class, the second instructor participates in the class and third is the trainer who shows an easy way to complete the routine. So in case, things get hard, you can go for easier moves. 

The classes are mostly short. So there’s no 60-minute yoga class, in fact filtering for 30-minute classes shows few workouts. 

What makes Fitness+ stand apart?

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The tight integration of Apple Watch is possibly the best part about Fitness+. Not only does its sensors give an overlook of your health, including the calories burnt, blood oxygen levels and heart rate, it also connects your day to day workouts. 

The dynamic instructors are also a strong feature providing a wide range of instructors aged 20 – 60 years. And the trainers use sign language in all of their workouts for people using a hearing aid. 

The Apple Music service is free for Fitness+ users and the music is handpicked for each workout. You can even start a workout by selecting a music genre, which includes Latest Hits, Chill Vibes, Upbeat Anthems, Pure Dance, Throwback Hits, Everything Rock, Latin Grooves, Hip Hop/R&B, and Top Country.

How to Start using Fitness+?

You can get the Fitness+ app on your iPhone and iPad from the Appstore, and it comes preloaded on Apple TV. The app will show in a new tab on your existing Fitness app on your iPhone and iPad. You can remotely control the workout from your Apple Watch.

How it stacks up against Peloton?


One of the rivals of Apple Fitness+ is the Peloton Digital. Do note that Peleton studio is not a fair comparison as it requires equipment like treadmill and cycles that are closely integrated. Peloton Digital, however, is a subscription-based service like Apple Fitness+, and a better competition.


  • Equipment less, or lite equipment workouts with a simple dumbbell and mat. 
  • Expert and agile instructors.
  • Videos shot in an exquisite studio.
  • Handpicked Music for max efficiency.
  • Yoga, strength, treadmill, and cycling workouts. 


Apple Fitness+ 

  • Offers additional workouts: high-intensity interval training (HIIT), core, rowing, dance, and mindful cool-down workouts. 
  • Sound integration with Apple Watch and Activity Rings. 
  • Only Available on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.
  • Workouts are pre-recorded and can be downloaded for offline use. 
  • Apple Music included in subscription.
  • Apple Fitness+ comes at $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year.
  • Included in Apple One Premier Tier subscription for $29.95 per month

Peloton Digital 

  • Offers additional workouts: cardio, outdoor running, stretching, and meditation workouts. 
  • Peleton does have an Apple Watch but with lesser integration. 
  • Available on Android, Fire, TV, Roku, and Web.
  • Provides both pre-recorded and live interactive sessions.
  • Require internet connection. 
  • Peloton Digital Membership comes at $12.99 per month.
  • Family Digital Membership (All-Access): $39 per month


If you are an an Apple watch owner and have a slight interest in fitness, Fitness+ is must have. The tight integration of Apple Watch gives a whole new meaning to working out. By providing constant tracking of your inner happenings while doing workouts you get to know your body better, and what’s best for it. Alongside the motivating music, energetic instructors and mostly floor based exercise you might cancel out your gym membership and stay at home.

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