2020 iPad Pro is So Powerful, It can run macOS x Leopard!!

ipad mac osx scaled 1

Apple fans have been longing for a desktop-class operating system on their tablets. Apple got close by introducing SideCar in macOS Catalina that mirrors your desktop to the iPad you can interact with, and on.

But what if you want your iPad to run macOS independently? Well, the video below shows exactly that. Watch macOS x Leopard run smoothly on the iPad Pro 2020, thanks to its powerful chipset (It even supports cursor and a keyboard).

The tablet houses the powerful A12Z Bionic chipset with a 64-bit octa-core CPU and octa-core GPU made by Apple. The robust chipset blows away most Laptops and CPUs in the market today.

Jules Gerard, owner of Hacking Jules channel on Youtube recently uploaded a video showing macOS X 10.5 Leopard running on iPad Pro 2020. Gerard managed to run the macOS using a virtual machine, without jailbreaking the device.

The UTM emulator used by Youtuber flawlessly ran macOS Leopard on the iPad. The video demonstrated using Terminal, built-in apps, and Microsoft office.

You can check out more about UTM here. The emulator supports various processors, including those based on ARM, RISC, X64, AND X86 architectures. And, it can run older macOS, Windows or Android both on iPhone and iPad. So try it out as you please.

The project is under development and no public release is planned anytime soon.

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