Best VR(Virtual Reality) App of All and How to Use it

Vr Station

VR is the future of how you experience something you are not physically in contact with. Apps are bursting out there to fill your needs. Out of those many, there are some that take virtual reality to another level, VR Station is one of them. It’s the best vr app that I have used till now.

VR Station is the best VR app for iPhone and Android. Although It comes with a 5-minute limit, after the limit its just 2 or 3 bucks (Rs 370) for the premium version. The premium version unlocks 5-minute limit, which was enough for me, acknowledging I just view videos and photos.

The most prominent feature that makes it the best VR app, according to my experience, is the Head tracking feature. It promotes the real life experience of moving the head inside the VR.

The app works handsfree so you just need to gaze at an option for 1 second or so until it fills the icon. All the options from selecting files to play, volume, or controlling the timeline can be used while wearing the headset.

You can watch ANY video, movies, pictures in 3d with VR Station.

How to play Most of the Videos in VR Station on iPhone

Follow the first ’6’ steps in this Post until you reach File Sharing, then, instead of selecting the VLC player, select Mobile VR Station and just drag and drop your Video files in it.

On iPhone

Open the Vr Station and click Browse content files>Drives>Documents and select the file you have just transferred to your iPhone.

How to Stream Online Videos In VR Station

Yes, VR Station is the best VR app and it also supports online streaming. You can play online videos in 3d without downloading them, in the Vr Station; open up Safari Browser on your iPhone then browse to the video you wish to stream, then on that video page, tap on the share button, and scroll to the right until you see Micro Vr Station then tap on it and it will open the Micro Vr station app. Below you’ll see the ”i” icon, tap on it and then tap copy to copy the link.

Now, open Vr Station app, tap on stream, then tap EnterPaste Path and paste the copied link there, then Scroll down and under Streaming options tap Watch Now and that’s it. For a flawless streaming video, choose a time of the day when your Internet speed is good.

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