Brilliant iPhone Home Screen Ideas for Inspiration

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The internet is rumbling after a decade later when Apple finally allowed to mingle with iPhone home screens. With widgets, creative users have found ways to use the customization feature in ways even Apple wouldn’t have imagined. If you don’t know-how, our post explains how to customize app icons and widgets on your home screen.

Creativity is contagious pass it on.


Let’s see some of the best iPhone home screen alterations after the iOS14 update.


If you are a Minecraft fan, this could become your favourite Home Screen.

Black and White

Black and white are a timeless colour combination. The luxury of black and white is a perfect choice for every classy iPhone lover.


Light up the dark wallpaper with neon lights.

Animal Crossing

Enjoy the relaxing tone of Animal crossing? Well now you can now make your iPhone turn into the game’s NookPhone. The creator of the theme @okpng is making custom graphics freely available with a discount code. However, she requests a small donation if possible.


Bring back the windows 95(or 98) look.

Made in MS paint

Well, yes, you can do that as well.

Clean Simple Look

Colour coding in the works on iPhone home screen.

Another Nostalgia

Old iOS homescreen for iOS 14
Old iOS homescreen for iOS 14

Gotham city

Fan of the Dark knight? This is perfect for you.

batman homescreen


Personalizing the screen may seem difficult and takes a lot of time as you’ll hear from the creators. But anything hard is worthwhile, isn’t it?

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