Here’s How iPhone Can Read Books Aloud To You in 2022

Here’s How iPhone Can Read Books Aloud To You in 2022

You might be looking for alternative ways to grasp a new book, or maybe you are a multitasker who wants to hear out your next book while doing chores to save time.

Previously, you had to use the infuriating voice-over feature that speaks everything you tap and creates panic.

Fortunately, Apple has introduced a feature that allows you to only listen to what you want to, be it a book, any pdf, or any text present on your screen.

This article will explain the two most efficient built-in methods on your iPhone to hear your books. 

So let’s begin.

Method no. 1: Speak Selection

This method allows you to hear your selected text.

You can select the word, sentence, paragraph, or page, and in the menu that pops up, select Speak to hear it.

How to Activate Speak Selection:

1. Goto Settings.

2. Select Accessibility.

3. Select Spoken Content.

4. Now tap on Speak Selection. 

Note: If you want the highlight what’s being spoken, you can select “Highlight Content”.

5. Now, open a selectable text you want to read like in iBook or anything.

6. Long press the word to select it, then drag the selection you want heard to be heard and tap on Speak. 

Can apple read book to you?


Method no. 2: Speak Screen

Now, if you want your iPhone to speak whatever is on screen, like a book in your case, this method is for you. 

How to Read Books Aloud:

1. Head onto Settings.

2. Tap on Accessibility.

3. Select Spoken content.

4. Tap on Speak Screen.

5. Now head to your book and drag two fingers from the top, and it’ll open the Speech controller which you can use to go to the previous or next pages, pause, play button, or increase the reading speed.

You can always keep the controller available by going back to spoken content settings then selecting Speech controller and toggling it on. 

Change Accent and Voices 

Apple provides multiple languages you can hear, including Arabic, Chinese, French, and more.

You also have options to change the accent; for instance, for English, you can pick an Australian, Indian, British, or any other accent. 


So there you are, now you can hear your books in the voice of Siri or any other in a natural manner that doesn’t sound robotic without buying any pro-third-party app.

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