How to Add Downloaded Music or Movies from Computer to iPhone or iPad

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Previously, I wrote How to add Music to iPhone, but through that method, not every app on your iPhone was showing the synced music or video file.

So, this time I’ll teach you a way that is different, but better. I am going to use a free and very popular multimedia App VLC for mobile for this. There are several other apps that you could use if you wish. They are fine too. But for now, I’ll stick with VLC for mobile.

How to Add Downloaded Music or Movies From Computer to iPhone and iPad

Download “VLC for Mobile” from Appstore.

Download VLC Media Player on your iPhone

Download and install iTunes for your PC or Mac from Here

Now, connect your iPhone to the computer

Open iTunes. Wait for it to complete the syncing process. It will show the Apple logo when it’s done syncing.
Note: If Your iPhone is not syncing, disconnect and reconnect your iPhone’s USB cable.


In the iTunes window, click the phone icon and click the Sync button at the bottom. It’s best to Wait for the Syncing process to complete.

Select the Phone icon in iTunes


Now in the left sidebar, select “File sharing“.


In the Apps section on the right, select VLC.

Select Vlc Player


Now you just need to drag and drop any music or video file, you want to play on your iPhone, in VLC Documents.

Drag files to iPhone from iTunes


That’s it. Open VLC player on your iPhone and you’ll see your file there.

If you have any questions. Leave them in the comment section below. It’d be great if I come to help anyone.

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