Top 5 Favourite iOS 13 Features

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The latest version of iOS, 13, comes with a plethora of features suggesting improvements and increased usability. Some features include: improved photo and video editing tools, the beautiful dark mode, upgraded Apple Apps among other iOS 13 features.

However, the features that stood tall to me, the most, were the ability to download files in iPhone, and others below:

Download Files in Safari

Wow! This is something a lot of people who wanted to download the file in Safari, rather than open a tab of it, desired for.

1. Tap Safari

3. Tap the download link of your file.

5. Tap Done.

Now you can download files easily in Safari.
Download manager added in Safari browser.

Switch to Specific Wi-Fi /Bluetooth Networks

Before iOS 13, it was one heck of a task to connect to your preferred Wifi or Bluetooth networks or in other words: see the list of active Wifi or Bluetooth dongles. You had to go to settings > Wifi > connect to Wifi.

From iOS 13, you get a handy shortcut right in your Control Centre that takes you to your networks list. Here’s how:

1. Slide up to the Control Centre.

3. Press and hold the box containing Wifi and Bluetooth options.

5. Long press Wifi or Bluetooth icon and select the network you wish to connect to. Easy!

Select your prefered network in control center as the new iOS 13 features.

Bypass cellular download limits on iOS 13

It’s a long-awaited option which Apple didn’t authorise before the advent of iOS 13. Most obviously due to the limited download availability of cellular data, and the ridiculous fee/bill it could pertain, downloading iOS updates or other heavy streams/downloads.

But, still, it is finally possible. Now, you can download Apps, Games or whatever you want from your cellular data, if, you have enough data available for your files.

By default, iOS 13 will alert you when downloading a file over 200 MB. But, if you don’t want to be notified and straight away download over data, you can:

1. Tap Settings.

3. Press iTunes & App Store.

5. Under Mobile Data, tap App Downloads.

7. Tap Always Allow.

Download files over cellular data in iOS 13

Full-page screenshots in Safari

Now, this is a golden feature addition to Safari for people who want a full-page screenshot and not just the viewable one.

1. Tap Safari.

3. Take a screenshot by pressing and holding the Side button + Volume up button for devices without Home button, and Side button + Home button, for devices with Home button.

5. Tap the screenshot at the bottom left.

7. Tap Full Page beside the Screen tab.

9. Click Done.

Note: The Full Page screenshot can be saved in the pdf format, not in image format.

Take Full page screenshot in Safari browser in iOS 13

Automatically close Safari tabs

If you are like me, who doesn’t bother closing the Safari tabs, and get overwhelmed by seeing an infinite number of tabs in Safari, then this one is going to help you out:

1. Tap Settings.

3. Tap Safari.

5. Under the TABS menu, Press Close Tabs.

7. Select the desired time you want tabs to auto-close after.

Automatically close tabs in Safari browser


Apple has introduced many healthy-looking iOS 13 features. These 5 are just the tip of the iceberg. Just another reason to love Apple. What did you love about iOS 13? Leave your comments below. Thanks for reading.

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