What Does Live Mean on Find my Friends?

What Does Live Mean on Find my Friends?

Find my Friends has a feature called “Live.” So, let’s find out what Find my Friends is before we get into what Live is:

Find my Friends

Find My Friends is an app that is available both on iOS and Android, that allows users to easily locate their friends and family. You can easily request to follow them or be followed, and when you do, you can see their location on a map. It’s great for parents who want to make sure their children are safe, for groups of friends who are out together, or for people who want to locate their loved ones. Find My Friends is a great way to stay connected and in the loop about where people are on any given day.

What Does Live Mean on Find my Friends?

Live is a feature on Find My Friends that lets users share their location with others in real-time. When the Live feature is turned on, a user’s exact location can be shared with their contacts. Live can also be used to find someone in a crowd or to locate a missing friend or family member. It is important to keep in mind that Live should only be used in appropriate contexts, such as when asked to by a trusted contact.

Benefits of Using Live

Increased Efficiency

  • Through the live feature, users can specify their location to other users, allowing them to stay updated on their whereabouts in real time. Additionally, users can also share their location with others and request to follow the location of other users. The live feature significantly decreases the time and hassle of manually entering in location updates, making it easier for users to quickly share their location with family and friends. Therefore, the live feature increases the efficiency when using the Find My Friends app, making it an incredibly useful tool for anyone wishing to keep up with the whereabouts of their loved ones.

Better Sharing Experiences

  • The Find My Friends app is a great tool for keeping track of your loved ones, no matter where they are in the world. With the app, you can share your location with family and friends, alert them when you arrive home, and let them know when you are running late. With find my friends, you can share your experiences in real-time which provides a much better and closer sharing experience. You can even leave messages or voice recordings for people in your group. This makes it easy to create a deeper connection with your family and friends. With Find My Friends, you can be sure to make the most of your shared experiences with the people most important to you.

Greater Trust and Accountability

  • Thanks to the Live feature, trusting friends with your location information is easier than ever. Knowing that your friends can track you in real-time puts you at ease when it comes to knowing that your information is secure and being monitored at all times. Live also allows your friends to update you on their whereabouts as they enter and exit specific areas, providing you with even more reassurance that you and your friends are safe and secure. This is an invaluable asset that drastically increases the trust and accountability of Find My Friends.

How to Use Live on Find my Friends

  • First, you will need to open up the Find My Friends app 
  • And tap the “Live” tab. 
  • Select the “+” icon in the top right corner of the screen 
  • Add the friends you want to share your Live with
  • Finally, click on the “Start” button and you are all set! 

You can view the Live anytime during the active period, and you can manage the Live settings, such as the end time and approved viewers, in the Live settings in the app. 


Live feature in Find My Friends is an invaluable tool for staying connected with your family and friends in a safe and private way. With its real-time location tracking feature, members of your circle are just a tap away. Whether you need to locate a family member or warn friends of your expected arrival time, the quick and easy setup of the app makes it easy to stay in contact with your loved ones. With this useful feature, staying connected and keeping your loved ones safe has never been easier.

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