Why is Sleep Mode Better than Shut down for MacBook?

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Being into Windows for decades; “Shut Down” was a ritual for reserving energy and keeping the computer unharmed. Back then sleep mode was never considered or taught. It was considered a sin! It’s until I switched to Mac that I knew Sleep Mode is a viable option. Set as default on a machine, which is probably a one-time investment, faster, convenient, and more efficient.

So why Sleep Mode?

Sleep is advantageous in a plethora of ways. Firstly it uses very low energy and can help you get back to your tasks without waits. It only requires entering a password, if you have set one. Another good reason by experts tells that starting your Mac from the shutdown state takes a lot of energy, while in sleep mode everything stays open on very low power.

The reason Macs are responsive and fast is that it does system maintenance tasks in the background, like indexing files – which helps searching files swiftly – backup and a lot of other things. Mac does it at very low power in sleep mode. However, when you shutdown, Mac performs these actions while you are using it, and if it goes around it, it’ll hurt the performance.

Should I always keep my Mac in Sleep Mode?

If you are a typical Mac owner who regularly uses it, then it’s best to restrain from shutting down and stick with Sleep mode. Because, in this mode the battery drainage is unnoticeable, and you can get back to your work in a snap.

So No Shutdown?

However, if you are going to stay away from Mac for long then it’s best to shut it down. It might happen that you suddenly need your MacBook and find the battery drained.

Another reason to shut down your MacBook is when you are putting it inside its bag, because even though on a very low power state, it’s still a running machine, which could cause it to heat-up in hot climates.

Though the battery consumption is very low, it still occurs. In defence; it takes days or (weeks!!) for the device in sleep mode to drain a fully charged battery.

What about Restarting?

Mac apps can get a little slow due to lack of space on Ram which can accumulate a cluster of apps and files you don’t need over time. This could hinder your workflow. If you feel like your Mac is sluggish and you notice lags here and there, then a restart might help you clear up Ram and restore stability.

Are these modes harming your Mac?

Theoretically, every ‘running machine’ ravages over time. The same applies to MacBook, but with Sleep mode, it’s so low it barely affects the device. And in every way, normal usage causes more ravages than Sleep modes ever would. So there’s nothing to be tense about.

How to put your MacBook to Sleep mode?

If you own a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air you are already set-up with sleep mode i.e., close the lid for sleep mode. You can also click on the top left “Apple icon” and click on Sleep.

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