Why Your iPhone’s Battery Icon is Yellow and How to Fix It!

iphone battery yellow

Are you suddenly seeing, or noticing a yellow battery icon on your iPhone? Well, you don’t need to worry about it, as it’s not a problem but rather a battery-saving feature called Low Power Mode that activates itself when your phone’s battery goes below 20% and automatically turns back green after going above. 

However, it disables some features that you won’t notice if you’re an average iPhone user.

When your device is in low power mode, it will:

-Turn off the background app refresh

-Turn off automatic downloads

-Turn off mail fetch

-Turn off Hey Siri

-Turn off Raise to Wake

-Reduce the brightness of the display

-Reduce motion effects

How to Turn Low Power Mode Off

To turn off low power mode, follow these steps: 

1. Go to Settings and tap on Battery.

2. Tap on Low Power Mode and turn it off.


Lower mode is an efficient battery-saving feature and can be useful when you are low on battery but need to keep your phone on for longer, maybe because you are away from the dock. However, do keep in mind that it brings a loss of some features like no email updates, lower brightness, and loss in quality. If you are fine with it, it might help you out. 

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