Apple had planned to offer $49 Apple Pencil with iPhone support

Apple Pencil for iPhone

According to a rumor that was spread on Thursday, Apple had planned to release a new $49 Apple Pencil with iPhone support earlier this year. However, the company ultimately made the decision to cancel the release after producing one million units of the product.

According to a Weibo post that DuanRui shared on Twitter, Apple made the new Apple Pencil with iPhone support earlier this year and planned to release it in September. However, the project was canceled at the last minute for unclear reasons.

According to the rumor mill, Apple had a million of the accessories ready to ship when they decided to scrap the project.

According to the article, the Apple Pencil for iPhone would not have included a battery or pressure sensing capabilities. Instead, a chip similar to that found in the Samsung S- Pen would draw power from the display and power the accessory’s stylus.

Apple allegedly scrapped the stylus at the last minute, but the rumor doesn’t explain why.

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