How to Schedule a Text Message on iPhone in 2021

Schedule app

Apple by default doesn’t provide a function inside its messaging app to schedule a text message on iPhone. But you got third party tools to help you out. 

Now, most of the third-party apps’ free versions come with limitations. So you need to either pay  

Below I’ll explain one of the best apps for scheduling messages. 

How to schedule a text message on iPhone with Scheduled 

Scheduled is one of the most popular apps when it comes to scheduling messages. The app comes with a sleek and user-friendly interface.

Limitations of this app

This app allows you to save a draft of your message and when the time comes, it’ll alert you that you have a message to send. Meaning that the app doesn’t send the message without a final interaction at the time set to send your message. Also, the number of messages you can schedule in the free version is limited.

To send the message without requiring your confirmation you can go for a premium version but at $3.9 / month.

So here’s how to use the Scheduled app to schedule text message,

1. Download *Scheduled* app from Appstore. 

2. Tap on the create message icon

3. Tap on /Select Recipients/ and select your contact. 

4. Tap on /Enter Message…/ and type in your message. 

5. Tap on the Schedule Date icon and set the date when you want to be reminded to send the message. 

6. Now tap /Schedule message/. And you are done. 

* When the sending time comes, you’ll get a notification that will take you to the message sending screen.

* Then simply tap on /Send with…/ and choose your preferred sending medium like WhatsApp, iMessage or simply messaging app.

* The message will be written. You just have to tap send. 

Another method you can try is:

You can set a simple reminder on your iPhone to alert you when to send your message. The only difference would be that you’d be needing to type in or copy-paste your message and then send it.  

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