Rumors: iPhone 15 Pro Will Have Atleast 8 New Features

Like every other year the rumors of the upcoming iPhone months before the typical release month; September, are spread on the internet. Until now it’s rumored that the iPhone Pro models will have at least 8 new features.

And here they are: 

A17 chip: The iPhone 15 Pro models may come with Apple’s A17 Bionic chip made with TSMC’s 3nm process, which will be more efficient and perform better. A reputable source also claimed that the 2023 iPhone will follow last year’s strategy in which only the Pro variants will feature the latest chip. 

Titanium frame: According to a leaker “ShrimpApplePro” the iPhone 15 pro models will house a titanium frame similar to the Apple Watch Ultra instead of the stainless steel one. 

Ultra-thin curved bezels: The iPhone 15 pro may have thinner curved bezels while the display will stay flat according to ShrimpApplePro. 

USB-C port: iPhone 15 pro models will house a USB-C port that will support at least USB 3.2 or Thunderbolt 3 according to famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo which will have increased data transfer speeds compared to the present iPhones with lightning. The standard iPhone 15 models will stick with limited USB 2.0 speeds.

Wi-FI 6E: Similar to the latest Macs and iPads the iPhone 15 will include Wi-Fi 6 for faster internet speeds according to leaked schematics.

More RAM: iPhone 15 pro lineup would feature 8 gigs of ram while the normal models would keep with 6 GB of ram like the current ones. The increased RAM will allow apps like safari to run in the background with 

Haptic Volume buttons: The iPhone 15 pro models will feature solid-state volume and power buttons. According to Kuo, the device will house two haptic feedback engines that will provide the effect of a button press without the physical buttons. Similar to the home button on the latest iPhone SE or trackpads on MacBooks.

Increased zoom: The iPhone 15 Pro Max will have a periscope telephoto lens that will increase the zoom to 6x as compared to the 3x on iPhone 14 lineup.

As the day of launch grows near, which is still afar, more rumors will surface and the above are just some that have appeared until now. Let’s see what Apple has in store for this year.

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