Samsung’s Galaxy S23 copying iPhone 14’s lifesaving feature


Those who have an iPhone 14 will recognize a feature that is rumored to be coming to Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S23 devices, and it may even be superior.

According to the rumor mill, Samsung is considering incorporating satellite communications into its Galaxy S23 lineup, which is expected to be unveiled in 2023. Apple added similar features to its iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro when they went on sale in September. The goal was to make it possible for people to send short text messages to emergency services when they can’t connect to cellular or Wi-Fi networks.

Even though Apple thought of this when creating the iPhone 14, which has an Emergency SOS via Satellite feature, the Samsung version, according to The Elec, will have even more advanced capabilities.

According to reports, Samsung intends to use the Iridium network, which consists of 66 low-orbit network satellites, in order to enable users to send not only brief text messages but also various types of media. It has been stated that Samsung’s goal is to achieve speeds of “hundreds of kbps,” which some of us less charitable types might argue is comparable to the majority of cellular networks anyway.

Apple makes use of the Globalstar satellite network, and the company has been very clear about the low bandwidth that is associated with file transfers made using such a connection. The business did not advertise the speed of its satellite network, but it was clear that it did not feel safe allowing any but emergency traffic on it.

The Elec’s report doesn’t say if Samsung will only put the satellite feature on its most expensive Galaxy S23 models or if it will be available for all of them. However, Apple didn’t only put the Emergency SOS via Satellite feature on its best iPhones, so it seems likely that Samsung will do the same.

Though no official announcement date has been made, the Galaxy S23 series of devices is widely anticipated to be unveiled in February of next year.

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