Most frightening Apple’s September event ending ever!

Apple September event horror

The year’s most awaited Apple event got the most horrifying ending ever.

It was a normal September virtual event as Apple introduced their new products and upgrades.

The Cupertino company announced the Watch Series 8, a rugged Apple Watch Ultra for adventurous people, more advanced AirPod Pros, a bigger iPhone 14, and new iPhone Pros with the new capsule-designed notch.

As Tim Cook waved goodbye, I was ready to get myself up and work hard to afford the new products.

But then I noticed the most unexpected ending to an Apple event.

While Tim concluded the event and the camera went up to Apple’s far away logo, an eerie clip played that is still giving me creeps.

The four-second clip depicts a woman standing inside a subway train, probably waiting for the doors to open, with creepy music in the background, when suddenly she glitches and disappears for a microsecond and reappears at the same place, and then Apple shows the end screen.

What, why, what, and why were my first questions as I replayed the scene a couple of times to point to any Apple element like AirPods or something, but there were none.

I am not sure whether the horrifying end was purposeful or not, as it’s an ending someone could expect from a conjuring movie. But I don’t know why Apple would scare the sh*t out of people after a long courteous virtual event after which people were ready to break their banks for the new gadgets. Whatever the reason, it remains a mystery that I long to get an answer.

I’ll update you if I have any news regarding it. Do you have anything to share regarding this news? It’s still giving me creeps.

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