How to Master Multitasking on Your iPad

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Multitasking on an iPad got way better over time. At first, switching between apps was all we could do. Now, it’s much more. We have windows and special views for all kinds of tasks. With iPadOS 16, Apple introduced something cool called Stage Manager. This new thing changes how we use lots of apps at the same time.

In this iPad Tutorial, we’ll look at how we used to multitask on iPads. Then, we’ll dive deep into using Stage Manager. This will help you get more done on your iPad.

Let’s start!

Understanding Traditional iPadOS Multitasking Features (Pre-iPadOS 16)

Split View: Basics, Setup, and Use Cases

Split View allows you to use two apps side by side, offering a seamless way to multitask on your iPad.

Steps to activate Split View:

  1. Open an app of your choice.
  2. Swipe up slightly from the bottom to reveal the Dock.
  3. Drag another app from the Dock to the left or right edge of the screen until it opens alongside your current app.

Use Cases: It is one of the best iPad Tips, perfect for researching and taking notes simultaneously or comparing documents side by side.

Slide Over: How to Activate and Use It Effectively

Slide Over provides a quick way to access a second app without leaving the one you’re currently using.

Steps to use Slide Over:

  1. Open an app and invoke the Dock by swiping up from the bottom.
  2. Drag an app onto the screen, positioning it over your current app.
  3. The second app appears in a floating window that you can move or dismiss as needed.

Slide Over is useful for: referencing emails while browsing or quickly responding to messages without disrupting your workflow.

Picture in Picture: Using Video Content

Picture in Picture is an iPad trick that lets you watch a video or FaceTime while using other apps.

Activating Picture in Picture:

  1. Start playing a video in a supported app.
  2. Tap the Picture in Picture button or swipe up to go Home, and the video continues in a small window.

This feature is great for: watching tutorials while practicing a new skill or attending a video call while accessing documents.

Stage Manager: Mastering Multitasking with iPadOS 16

With iPadOS 16, Apple introduces Stage Manager, an amazing feature that enhances how you use multiple apps. Offering an unprecedented level of control, Stage Manager brings a desktop-like multitasking experience to the iPad. Here’s our quick iPad guide:

Enabling and Configuring Stage Manager

To enable Stage Manager:

  1. Open Control Center.
  2. Tap the Stage Manager icon to activate it.

Configuring Stage Manager for optimal use:

  • Within Stage Manager settings, adjust window sizes and choose how apps overlap based on your preference.

Using Stage Manager for Enhanced Multitasking

Managing multiple apps with Stage Manager:

  1. Open an app, and it appears centered on your screen.
  2. To add another app, drag it from the Dock into your workspace.
  3. Arrange windows by dragging their corners or sides to resize.

Best Practices:

  • Group related apps together for projects.
  • Use the left-hand app switcher to quickly navigate between app groups.


From simple app switching to the advanced functionalities of Stage Manager in iPadOS 16, multitasking on the iPad has transformed into a sophisticated and user-friendly experience. By integrating these features into your daily use, you can significantly enhance your productivity and make the most out of your iPad.

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