iforgot my Apple ID password, how can I reset it on iPhone, iPad and Mac?


It’s happened alot, “iforgot” apple id password and had to reset it for Appstore, iTunes, and other things that need Apple ID to work. If it has happened with you or your friend, this post will remove your worries. You’ll see how to reset your password with or without iCloud signed-in, how you can reset your password through a browser if you have 2-factor authentication enabled, or when disabled. And, if you have forgotten your Apple ID, there’s a trick for that too. 

So let’s start. 

Reset your Apple ID Password with an Email address or Security Question (Without 2 Factor Authentication)

Quick info: 2-factor authentication is a feature that requires verification from your another Apple device logged in with the same ID like your iPhone, when you are signing in with your Apple ID, for example, on your Mac. If not enabled, it’s recommended that you activate this feature for “MACSimum”(pun intended) security. 

1. Go to iforgot.apple.com.

2. Enter your Apple ID email.

3. Click Continue.

4. Tick “I need to reset my password”.

5. Click Continue.

6. Choose Get an email or Answer security questions. 

7. Assuming you want to reset from your email, select Get an email.

8. Now click Continue.

9. Click Done.

10. Look in your inbox for Apple email titled “How to reset your Apple ID password”.

11. Click Reset

12. Enter your password > Enter password again

13. Click Reset 

Reset your Apple ID Password with Email and Phone Number(With 2 Factor Authentication)

If you have two-factor authentication enabled, you will need your email address and phone number to reset your Apple ID password. 

1. Go to iforgot.apple.com

2. Fill in your Apple ID email.

3. Click Continue

1 name example Apple ID

4. Enter the phone number you used when creating Apple ID.

5. Click Continue.

2 step 4 5

6. You’ll get a password reset request notification on all your devices with your iCloud account signed-in.

7. Follow these steps on Mac:

1. Click on Show on the notification.

Reset password on Mac

2. Click Reset password.


3. Enter your Mac password and click Allow.

3 1

4. Enter your new password > Enter password again.

5. Click Continue.


6. Then click OK.


Reset password with your iCloud signed-in device

On Mac

1. Click on Apple logo on the top left and click System Preferences


2. Click Apple ID on the top right.

2 2

3. Click Password and Security.

3 2

4. Click Change Password

4 1

5. Enter your Mac password

6. Click Allow.

5 6
5 6

7. Type your new password.

8. Repeat your password. 

9. Click Change.

7 8 9

On iPhone and iPad

1. Tap on Settings.

2. Tap your profile picture.

3. Tap on Password & Security.

4. Tap Change password.

5. Enter your iPhone or iPad passcode.

6. Enter New password.

7. Enter it again.

Reset password without iCloud

Using friend’s and family’s iPhone and SupportApp

Apple allows resetting the password using the SupportApp for your iPhone. It will allow you to unlock your Apple ID password using your family or friend’s iPhone. The only downside is that it’s not available in all countries. Numerically, 22 countries have access to it.

Using Third-Party Softwares

You can unlock your Apple ID password using third-party software, like PassFab iPhone Unlocker and Tenorshare. Though, it’s not recommended by Apple as some softwares may require jailbreaking your device in order to unlock your phone.

What if you have forgotten your Apple ID?

In case you have lost clue of your Apple ID, you can use your recovery email to find it. Simply follow the steps below;

1. Goto https://appleid.apple.com/

2. Click on Forgot Apple ID or password.

1 2

3. When asking for username and password. Click on /Look it up/ 

3 3

4. Then enter your first name, last name, and your recovery email address. 

5. Click Continue.

4 5 1

6. Apple will search it up and show you if it finds your id. 

*Note:* Make sure to enter your exact first and last name. If you got wrong at first, try entering your other email addresses in case you are not sure. You will hopefully hit the correct email.

7. It will take you to your Apple ID. If you have forgotten your password, head back to the first heading in this article. 


I hope this post helps you in getting your Apple ID back. Comment below if you have any questions, or of you are facing any problem.

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