Macbook how to split screen

How to Split Screen on Macbook?

Do you ever find yourself wanting to watch a movie on your laptop while working on a paper at the same time? Or maybe you’re trying to keep an eye…

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Can Apple Products Get Viruses

Can Apple Products Get Viruses? The Answer May Surprise You!

Many people believe that since Apple products are not as popular as Windows computers, they must be safe from viruses. However, this is not the case. Fewer viruses are written…

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How to Factory Reset Mac or MacBook in 2022?

Are you selling your MacBook or just want to know how to factory reset your Mac? You are at the right place. Whether you are on an Apple silicon or…

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How to Share Screen on Facebook Messenger

As covid-19 slammed everyone to stay at home, people have started incorporating virtual ways to complete their business and personal tasks. From video calls to screen sharing to recording online classes to…

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10+ Hot tips to Save your iPhone’s Battery Life

Battery drainage might be the only issue I’ve ever had since I became an iPhone user. There are many reasons for instance; iPhone provides amazing experiences on its iOS which…

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