adoption Million Money


(first published October 21, 2018) The year was 1983. ARPANET adopted the TCP/IP protocol and soon thereafter the modern internet was born. It’s one of those key moments in history…

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covid boredom

Covid-19-Induced Boredom

(post first published March 23, 2020) I love to tell this unforgettable story of my friend. So I have this friend, He’s on too so I better tread carefully,…

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telegram scam

Anatomy of telegram group investment scams

(first published Feb. 25, 2020) (Subscribe to my Patreon page where I give regular updates on new scams to avoid and provide other One-on-one advisory) (Check out 14 ways to identify crypto…

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softradeai honest review: Revealing the secret identity of a fake C.E.O

(first published Feb. 24, 2020) Summary: Ryan Baines, the fake C.E.O of softradeai has finally been identified. Read full review below plus proof that he’s on a contract which means he…

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wake up africa

Wake Up Call On Africans In The Blockchain Space

(first published December 17, 2019) What is the long term plan for Africa & African businesses as far as the future of Blockchain/ Fintech businesses are concerned? Are we again…

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