Anchor Stablecoin

Will The Real Stablecoin Please Stand Up?

(first published June 22, 2019) Spoiler Alert. A new coin is here but this is not a call for investors. No, don’t expect to see the usual softcap, hardcap announcement that…

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KuBitX going PROW

Going PROW — KuBitX journey of excellence in ultramobile financial services

(first published June 17, 2019) At this point, the novelty heralded by the use of blockchain/cryptocurrencies in Africa is wearing off and gradually being replaced with respect albeit reluctantly as…

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blockchain can liberate us all

Blockchain: Liberating All From The Hegemony Of Banks And The Government

(first published June 16, 2019) With the frequency at which bank frauds have been reported in recent times here in Africa, you’d be forgiven if the most recent bank account…

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Nigerian Internet Scammers

Nigerian Internet Scammers, Nice Try

(first published June 3, 2019) Nice try. So some Nigerian internet scammers (popularly called yahoo boys) now justify their wicked actions saying, ‘it’s not a crime just payback for years…

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Conference, Blockchain

2019 Lagos Blockchain, AI and digital assets conference

(first published June 3, 2019) The Lagos Blockchain, AI and digital assets conference #2019 was a huge success. Several stakeholders and leading voices in the blockchain and tech space came…

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