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iOS 14 turns AirPods Pro into a Hearing Aid Device

Apple AirPods are the best of the best when it comes to providing premium quality features and audio. A recent iOS update shows that AirPods Pro can be used as…

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MacBook Keyboard Not Working? This fix has worked for millions!

So recently my MacBook started having issues –nearly three years after. It happened when I was doing important work. So I started searching “MacBook keyboard not working” and other queries…

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Apple Fitness+ the only Fitness App You Need

What is Apple Fitness+ ?  Apple Fitness+ is the latest subscription-based fitness app by Apple. Amid the pandemic when people can’t hit the gym, the service can help you stay…

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Brilliant iPhone Home Screen Ideas for Inspiration

The internet is rumbling after a decade later when Apple finally allowed to mingle with iPhone home screens. With widgets, creative users have found ways to use the customization feature…

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Macbook sleep mode idome

Why is Sleep Mode Better than Shut down for MacBook?

Being into Windows for decades; “Shut Down” was a ritual for reserving energy and keeping the computer unharmed. Back then sleep mode was never considered or taught. It was considered…

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