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No U1 Chip for Ultra-Wideband in Apple’s AirPods Max

Apple introduced its ultra-wideband U1 chip in iPhone 11 and also implemented it in AirPods and the iPhone 12 lineup. Before launch rumours said that Apple will add a U1…

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Shooting at Apple Store

Shooting at Lenox Square Apple Store

Lenox Square is one of the premier shopping malls In United States. But the site is gaining criminal traction in recent years. The area has seen the fourth incident involving…

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Apple Silicon

Apple Silicon iMac to arrive in 2021, 32 core Mac in 2022, and more

After dumping intel chipset from MacBooks and Mac mini, Apple’s next target is iMac. It will make iMac the fourth Apple release carrying an Apple Silicon chip. There’s also an…

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Apple Watch Series 4 ECG screen 12062018 inline.jpg.large

And once again the day is saved, thanks to the Apple Watch

Apple Watch has once again been to the rescue, thanks to its Heart rate detection feature. A victim of a rare disease Zachery Zeus was notified by Apple Watch about…

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windows on Apple M1 Mac

Will Apple M1 run Windows? Microsoft to decide

Apple’s transition from Intel-powered to ARM-based chips has raised questions whether the Apple M1 chip will support Windows. Apple’s Vice President of Software engineering, Craig Federighi, said in a recent…

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