million money review

Million Money Platform Review : An MLM Pyramid Scheme that uses Blockchain Tech

(first published January 3, 2020) If you had thought people will open their eyes and make smarter financial decisions this 2020 then you’re sadly mistaken. So much for 2020 new…

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profitgenerator review Review: It’s Not Even Pretending To Be Legit

(Note: Join the conversation on my telegram group here.) So I guess this is how low we’ve come. Damn!!! New Ponzi schemes like are so much of an obvious scam…

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bigvaluemarketfx honest review Honest Review: An Investment Platform of a Thousand Lies

When I first caught wind of this platform when a client had contacted me to lay a complaint, I thought ‘that’s not new’. Indeed every week a bunch of scam…

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Billion money live honest review

Billion Money Live: A Blockchain Powered Pyramid Scheme For The Gullible

(Check out a few sustainable platforms here) Summary: Billion money live is a garbage unoriginal idea in a billion number of ways. It’s nothing more than a scam, an illegal…

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Yuki Inu review

Yuki Inu: Another dog meme coin set for the moon

(See my short list of recommended investment platforms here) It’s dog meme coin season y’all and Yuki Inu is the newest most promising kid on the block. Memecoin also falls…

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