Getting scammed part 2

Weekend Stories: Getting Scammed Part 2

(this post was first published on Dec. 6 2020) Have you ever respected the opinions of a friend so much you believe anything he says? Talk about placing someone on…

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kate looney

Weekend Stories: Getting Scammed Part 1

(This post was first published on Nov. 21 2020) Many people think you have to be exceptionally stupid or greedy to get scammed I swore by that too I’m too…

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Forsage: Another Illegal Pyramid Powered By Ethereum Smart Contract

(post first published May 31st 2020) (See bottom of page for recommended platforms) Brace yourself, this is going to be an angry review. In fact it might end up being…

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A rant about Covid-19, passive income, WHO whatsapp, and how to pass time in isolation

(first published March 20, 2020) I love cryptocurrency and bockchain and passive income. You know I do. I probably could be writing another review right now about why I think softradeai is…

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real stable coin

Will The Real Stablecoin Please Standup?

(first published June 15 2020) The novelty that greeted the invention of cryptocurrency is wearing off and this is great for the space. As the hype tapers off cryptocurrency is…

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