Review: Everything is wrong with the BTCflash Ltd. Platform

btcflash honest review

Yes, everything is wrong with the platform. Stick with me, I’ll explain. I first chanced upon the BTCflash platform (company name: btcflash ltd) due to the massive buzz it has generated across social media in the last month. Naturally, I needed to see for myself to know what the fuzz was about so I hopped on the platform and so the journey began.

What is BTCflash?

The website is nothing fancy but I don’t have a problem with that. Legit recommended platforms like IPX ain’t fancy either yet remain very efficient. Anyway, let’s get back on track. The first statement that drew my suspicion with BTCflash was the first sentence on the website that said “Earn 200% in the first 7 days”. Huge Red Flag. Immediately I thought to myself, ‘not this trashy kind of scam again’. So if was definitely a scam, why is it so popular? The traffic analysis of the website I did shows it has 30,000+ daily visits. Now that’s massive.

But I was so sure this is a scam and just had to get to the bottom of it. And so my investigation continued. claims to be an automated bitcoin investing platform with its servers opening and closing thousands of transactions per second. And blah…blah…blah. That’s what they all say.

There’s no truth to any of these claims.

Here is the truth

  • There’s no robot, no trading software in the world that can guarantee a 200% profit weekly.
  • Only Ponzi scams promise outrageous profits
  • All bitcoin doubling schemes are scams. No exceptions
  • Platforms like are obvious scams because they provide no trading proofs. What crypto exchange service do they use to make such huge earnings
  • You should avoid platforms with no founder.

Make the above your 10 commandments. Memorize it so the next time you see a bitcoin Ponzi scheme like btcflash you will see it for what it is.

Is btcflash paying?

I don’t understand why people are quick to ask this question as if it means anything. If a platform is paying, does that mean it isn’t a scam? No. Most Ponzi like pays for a while (usually less than 6 months) and then it stops paying. Ponzi as many know pays old users with new users money. Ponzi platforms have no real business. No service. No trading going on anywhere. When the rate at which people register on the platform reduces, the platform eventually dies a slow natural death.

These signs are starting to creep up with btcflash. Many users are now complaining they were paid once or twice but have experienced withdrawal delays from the 3rd withdrawal. Other users have complained about being blocked on the telegram group when they complain about withdrawal issues. Some users also claimed their username and password to the website was deactivated when it was time for withdrawal.

Moving on

Let’s discuss 2 strategies used by BTCflash Ltd to appear legit

  1. Trustpilot reviews
  2. U.K Certificate of incorporation

Trust pilot reviews

I’ve never been a fan of Trustpilot reviews. As I explained in my article here, they are not doing enough to ensure the integrity of the reviews on their platform. Many rookies use trust pilot reviews to determine whether or not a platform is legit. Many go to the platform before investing to see reviews people have left on the trust pilot review website. If you’re one of those rookies you need to stop doing that right now. Positive Trustpilot reviews are so easy to buy and the platform can be gamed easily hence the reviews are misleading.

Btcflash Ltd. ( has over 2000 positive reviews on trust pilot. A naïve person might look at that and say ‘surely, this btcflash platform must be really awesome’.

btcflash trustpilot

But check this out. Do you know all of these reviews are incentivized? That means BTCflash platform compensates or promises to compensate users if they leave 4 star and 5-star reviews on Trustpilot.

The trick is this: Potential scam platforms pay for a few months (less than 6 months) before they end up being scam. This allows many unsuspecting would-be victims to rush in. To make the deal sweeter, promises to compensate users in BTC if they put out a good word about them on social media ( youtube, Trustpilot, Twitter, etc.). These naïve users quickly jump on this deal. Remember the Ponzi is still paying at this point, so these users might think they are leaving honest reviews.

For youtube, BTCflash ltd rewards people 0.0002 BTC

btcflash bounty
btcflash bounty
btcflash social media bounty
btcflash social media bounty

For other social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Trustpilot, users are rewarded 0.0001 BTC

It’s been that way for a while now. But now reality has begun to set in. I analyzed the trust pilot reviews and you can see some users are beginning to ‘walk back their talk’ and are changing their reviews.

The screenshot below shows a recent user that has changed his review from 5* to 2* (or maybe it’s from 2* to 5*after compensation)

Many users have claimed that the promised bounty reward for social media promotions was not paid or withdrawals can’t be done. And this isn’t an isolated case. Many have not been paid yet.

btcflash fake testimonial
btcflash fake testimonial
btcflash fake testimonial 2
btcflash fake testimonial 2

Trustpilot reviews have since lost their credibility. Incentivized reviews are prohibited for obvious reasons: They are deceptive. Funny thing is, even Trustpilot review website claim they don’t allow it but in reality, they allow scams like BTCflash ltd to roam free and florish.

trustpilot incentive
trustpilot incentive

In conclusion, never choose to invest in a platform just because it’s got lots of rave reviews on trust pilot. Many scams like the softradeai platform (scammed people last year and shut down) also had lots of positive reviews during their operation.

U.K Certificate of Incorporation

Scams like btcflash use U.K certificate of incorporation document issued by Companies House to appear legitimate

Where do I begin? A lot to say but I’ll keep it simple. The U.K certificate of incorporation has become the most notorious scam-friendly certificate out there. Many scams acquire one to deceive naïve investors. I’ve discussed ‘why’ in many previous articles but I’ll just give a quick summary again.

U.K certification of incorporation document proofs nothing and has been completely bastardized by scammers because of how easy it is to purchase one. Everything can be done online and you don’t even need to be in the U.K. You can pay for a U.K office address on websites like this. Afterward, the scammer could proceed to the website to secure the U.K certificate, fill out a simple form and make payment (about 15 Pounds) and in a few days you’ll get your certificate. Heck, you don’t even need to do it yourself. There are services online that can help you process it in no time with a fake name and everything you need. U.K certificate documents are so generic and trashy. No background checks are carried out, nothing. They are just after the money. Even the ‘Companies house’ website that issues the certificate comes with a disclaimer that the information on the website isn’t verified…lol

Companies House Disclaimer
Companies House Disclaimer

I don’t get why certificates like this are still being issued. This certificate is meaningless and should be scrapped ASAP. Although a few legit companies acquire these certificates it’s mostly scam trading companies.

And you should know this: Brokers and Trading platforms with this certificate are lying to you. The U.K certificate is not a license for currency brokers. If you are a legit broker or trading platform, go get a CySEC license or ASIC license, then we can be assured of your legitimacy and integrity. U.K certificate is just a smokescreen to hide these scam platforms.

So please don’t be naïve. Just because you see a U.K certificate of incorporation doesn’t mean the platform is not a scam.

Speaking about the U.K certificate, I checked out the registration of BTCflash there.

BTCflash Ltd was incorporated in February 2021 ( Meaning this is still a relatively new scam)

It also names a Johnson Leo as a director in BTCFlash. (As explained earlier, it’s a fake name and that’s why you don’t see it on the BTCflash website itself)

btcflash founder fake
btcflash founder fake

Let me mention one more red flag before I end this review:

The domain information of the website is set to private. Domain name info usually contains important information such as when the website began and for how long the website (domain name) was registered. It’s pretty standard information available to the public. In most cases only scam websites like hide theirs because they don’t want users knowing when the domain name will expire. Scam websites usually register for 1 year because they are not likely to be around much longer.


Please do not invest with btcflash ltd. It’s a screaming scam.

But…Legit investment platforms still exist. See below

(See my list of recommended investment platforms here)

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