Review: It’s Not Even Pretending To Be Legit

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So I guess this is how low we’ve come. Damn!!!

New Ponzi schemes like are so much of an obvious scam that they are not even trying to hide it. Have you seen the website? Many of their ‘investors’ are also in on the game. That’s why you see comments like below. How can you be complicit in your own deceit? People know will crash any moment now but will still give it a try because of greed. That’s why the website has become so popular since its arrival sometime in February/March 2021. At its peak, it now boasts 70000+ daily visits. It’s perplexing and sad that people will gamble with their money like this especially right now since the same energy these guys put into these lazily hatched Ponzi schemes can easily be channelled into a profitable legit investment like the ones mentioned here

obvious scam
obvious scam

But let’s get back on track. Let’s dive into the many reasons why is a Ponzi scam. Most articles I’ve written about Ponzi schemes are meant to serve as timely warnings but this one is different. Anyone investing in knows the fire he’s playing with and is just begging to get burnt. Otherwise, why would anyone investing in a platform with so many red flags?

The Red Flags

Everything about says scam. 

  1. Badly designed website: It’s just the same boring page as other ponzi scams.
  2. Ponzi language all through: Ponzi as you know has no business model, no products, nothing. It just pays old investors with new investors money and on and on it goes until its ultimate demise. Ponzi likes to pretend to be real businesses but the unknown founders of just tell you immediately that what they do with the most Ponzi-Esque language of all – Money mining. It doesn’t get clearer than that. The website also uses words like Instant Income and promises users profits as soon as a minute after registration. It just feels like the website is just designed to say ‘Yes, we are scammers. We might pay you for a while but you know this will crash soon. But come on, take the risk, we both know you’re greedy.
  3. Ridiculous profits: Especially when you consider that the website has no underlying business that backs it
  4. No license: For the most part, doesn’t claim to do anything but in one or two places there are mentions about trading. But we have no additional information other than the rare mentions. No talk of trading license or third-party affiliations or trading platforms. Everyone knows these guys are not into trading at all. It’s just a Ponzi scheme and frankly, a very boring uninspiring one
  5. Hidden domain information: The domain information of a website usually includes when the domain was bought and when it’ll expire. Scam platforms will typically register for the minimum duration which is 1 year. It’s standard practice to make your domain information public but scam platforms like to hide the domain information to avoid inadvertently revealing details that might register as red flags to would-be scam victims.

This article here contains all the red flags to look out for. Go check it out and use it as a guideline to identify suspicious platforms like

Is paying?

It’s paid some but many have also complained about not receiving payment. Everyone knows this is a scam. Whether or not it’s paying, why take the risk?

Why is so popular?

Why not? People love free money. People are greedy. To propel further greed, the platform is also offering good referral commissions and many have been taking full advantage of it to invite everyone to the platform despite knowing it’ll crash soon. I guess some just have a knack for deadening their conscience. Here at, we will never promote a scam. Never. Our integrity cannot be bought. That’s why you need to bookmark this website right now and always check for updates.

Enough said, stay away from this screaming scam called

If you’re interested in legit investment platforms see below.

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