Not affiliated with Binance but pretends to be


This scam platform is exactly why Binance won’t stop warning its users. Just going off the name alone, this Ponzi platform Binateam pretends to be affiliated with the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the universe, Binance, and it does a bad job at it, too, from the shitty website design to its crappy content, there’s nothing remotely exciting about the textbook scam that is Binateam. 

Where do we begin?

Yes, the investment plan ridiculously named Binance Lite (Minimum Capital requirement – and Binance Pro (minimum capital requirement – $1000) offers would-be victims a total profit of 150% and 168%, respectively. But, again, disclaimer, Binateam has nothing to do with Binance. I’ll be the happiest in the world if Binance sues them for misrepresentation.

Binateam a scam platform

Unlikely, I know. For one, Binance has better things to do. Also, the founders of Binateam are faceless. I’ll never understand how people fall for investment scams with faceless teams. If you’re that greedy, you probably deserve to get scammed. still gets an ‘E’ for ‘Effort’. It does its best to appear legit. The roadmap covering development plans from September 2022 to January 2024 is darn convincing. Smokes and mirrors, right?  

Binateam a scam platform

I also did a traffic analysis of the website and saw it’s starting to get popular. Its visitors are not all victims, though; several are there just because of the platform’s generous loyalty (referral) program that pays out 10%, 5% and 3% commissions via its multi-level partnership program. People who knowingly promote scams are the worst.

Quick-fire information about the platform

  1. Date created: 22-08-28 and domain name expires 23-08-28
  2. (Funny observation: Only scam platforms register domains for one year only. Why does the roadmap section on extend till 2024 when the website was registered for just one year? Lol…
  3. traffic: The website already has an average of 1000 daily visitors. 
  4. (My observation: It beats me how so many are in a hurry to get scammed or promote scams)
  5. Server location: website is being hosted in France

Last Words is a basic, boring scam.  

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