2021 High Paying Jobs In Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Industry

high paying jobs in crypto

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are shaping up to be a huge industry. That means tons of new opportunities- opportunities that didn’t exist 5 or 6 years ago. Cryptocurrency started just about a decade ago but it didn’t take off until a few years ago. It’s a great time to get into the blockchain technology space right now as the industry is just starting to mature. Career opportunities in other industries are oversaturated and many jobs on offer require you to have spent years in college coupled with lots of years of experience if you want to command the big bucks. Not blockchain.

The tech is new enough that no one expects you to have a Bachelor’s degree in blockchain architecture to fit in. Sure, a computer science or related degree might help but it’s not mandatory. Blockchain is taking anyone from any field provided you have the passion to learn about the tech. 

high paying jobs
high paying jobs

You can get access to lots of free materials on the internet to get started and we discuss that too in this post. A lot of high-paying jobs in Blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs exist right now for both technical and non-technical folks alike with the added advantage that most of the jobs can be done remotely. Please note that the salaries listed below are only estimates. In the end, your salary depends on your expertise and bargaining power. Also, note that the job description of some of these roles overlaps. 

High paying non-technical jobs in cryptocurrency

  1. Blockchain Content writer/strategist/blogger

Short description: Write blockchain/cryptocurrency articles; brand and PR content

Salary: $12000-$18000 per annum

  1. Cryptocurrency Community/Digital marketing manager

Short description: Manage digital channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, medium, etc.) by developing content and engagement across these channels and providing necessary insights and analysis.

Salary: $27000-$40000

  1. Blockchain Legal consultant

Short description: Review of the legal aspects of blockchain projects and documentation, ensuring legal regulations are met before launch.

Salary: $90000 – $140000

  1. Cryptocurrency marketing analysts 

Short description: Managing and developing marketing campaigns

Salary: $90000-$110000

  1. Blockchain Development representative

Short description: Represents and Negotiates with the investors and engage publicly with users about various aspects of the blockchain project.

Salary: $90000-$140000

  1. Technical recruiter

Short description: Responsible for identifying and screening potential candidates to fill up open positions within a blockchain project

Salary: $61000- $63009

  1. Blockchain Data analyst

Short description: Research and analyze blockchain data and make useful projections that could help growth hack a blockchain or cryptocurrency startup

Salary: $63000-$134000

  1. Blockchain research analysts

Short description: Apply data mining techniques and statistical analysis to improve the performance of a blockchain project

Salary: $90000- $110000

High paying technical jobs in cryptocurrency

  1. Blockchain Consultant

Short description: Consults with blockchain projects overall relevant matters related to its success and helps fills technical gaps in their processes.

Salary: $36000-$48000

  1. Blockchain architect

Short description: Responsible for designing the blockchain network

Salary: $150000 – $175000

  1. Blockchain Engineer

Short description: Designs blockchain solution with protecting while working together with the blockchain architect

Salary: $144000 – $158000

  1. Blockchain developer

Short description: Responsible for building decentralized application and smart contracts

Salary: $150000- $175000

  1. Blockchain web designer

Short description: Responsible for design, implementation and support blockchain-focused websites and user interfaces

Salary: $80000 – $90000

  1. Information Security Analyst

Short description: Tasked with researching and planning network security measures

Salary: $100000- $179000

  1. Blockchain Project Manager

Short description: Organizes and manages mostly short term blockchain projects from inception to launch with an option to stay on afterward.

Salary: $130000- $175000

  1. Blockchain Intern

Short description: Responsible for completing relevant assigned tasks such as coding, marketing, branding, etc.

Salary: $40000-$50000

High-paying jobs in the cryptocurrency industry like any of the above, even for non-technical roles would require some rudimentary knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Lots of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) are available for free on the internet to help you get started. Coursera, IBM, Udemy, edX, and Khan Academy are great platforms to learn. Watching related YouTube videos can also put you on your way to Blockchain tech mastery.

As your love for blockchain and cryptocurrency increases, you may want to step it up a notch by acquiring degrees and certificates in the field. Check out this list of over 100 universities and colleges that offer a wide range of blockchain-related classes. Click here

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