How to purchase the awesome OrcaX tokens on Trust Wallet

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If you’re reading this, it means you’ve heard about the latest charity token on Binance Smart Chain called OrcaX Charity Tokens. It’s a token to buy for the long term. Not only are you changing the world one step at a time through donations to binance charity fund dedicated to humanitarian causes (as explained on website), you also stand a chance to make huge profits when OrcaX Token prices goes through the roof. For more information about OrcaX token, kindly visit today.

Penny cryptocurrencies like OrcaX (OX) sell under $1 (OX is currently priced between $0.001 and $0.003) and you can buy a lot now before it gets popular and the price goes up.

Join telegram community here. It’s also listed on coinmarketcap here and have trended a few times already.

OrcaX Charity Token (OX) is available for purchase on pancakeswap exchange. Here’s how you go about it:

Easy Tutorial

Step 1— — -> First download trust wallet and install on your phone (don’t forget to save your security words somewhere), then you buy some BNB from shown below or ask a friend to send you bnb. If you already have BNB in your trust wallet you can skip to step 2.

buy crypto on binance
buy crypto on binance

After purchase of BNB, click withdraw to send to trust wallet. See below.

buy bnb 1

Step 2 — — -> Next open your trust wallet and click on binance smartchain. Select receive and copy the address. This address is where you’ll send your purchased BNB (mentioned above)

send bnb to trustwallet
receive bnb

Step 3 — — -> Next on your trust wallet, select DAPPS in the bottom and choose pancake swap

choose pancakeswap

Step 4 — — -> In the top right, click connect to connect your trustwallet to pancakeswap. Also select smart chain in the top right. Next Click on trade in the sidebar and select exchange

connect to pancakeswap
Connect to pancakeswap

Step 5 — — -> Select bnb currency under the ‘from’ section’
You should see your already transferred BNB.
Choose how much BNB you want converted to OX. Click on MAX to use all your BNB

swap bnb
Swap bnb

Step 6 — — ->Then under the ‘to’ section, click on select currency as shown above. Next, copy the OrcaX address (from here) and paste in the box and you should see the OX token as shown below

bscscan address
bscscan address
swap 2
Swap 2

Check again the amount you want to buy

swap 3
Swap 3

Follow the prompt and confirm your transaction.

You are now an awesome holder of OrcaX Charity Tokens (OX)

Don’t forget to set slippage to at least 9% or you might see an error message.
If 9 doesn’t work use a higher number between 11 and 15.


Note: if you get an error message about price impact, simply go to the ‘to’ section above and delete the last digit. That will reduce the purchase amount. But that’s okay, you can buy small quantities multiple times until you reach your target amount.

That’s it guys. Let’s go.

Best advice to newbies: OX is a very promising long term project with a chance to at least 10x if you exercise patience. Buy and hold and try not to obsess over daily price.

Got Questions?

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