How to use API to link your Bitmex account to easily

Link Bitmex to trade mate

(Note that this a continuation of the tutorial here about how to enjoy passive income on

Now let’s link bitmex to your already created account. It’s so easy.

Step 1: Log in to Bitmex and click on API in the menu bar on top as shown in screenshot below.

bitmex login 1
bitmex login 1

Step 2: Then select API management in the side panel and fill the form. Just put the name you want to use. Do not fill anything else. Afterwards, click ‘create API’ button.

create API 1
create API 1
create API 2
create API 2

Step 3: Copy the key and secret that will be revealed to you. This is what you’ll need to fill trade-mate

Step 4: log in to your trade mate account and click on API panel or click the button shown below and then input the copied details.

add api to trade mate 2 1
Add api to trade mate

Click add account. And voila!!! mission is complete. You have just linked your BitMEX account with your account.

If you’re yet to fund your BitMEX account from your btc wallet, go to step 3 here to see how to do it easily. Remember for this training you need to transfer at least $100 btc to your account. It’s your money and you can withdraw from BitMEX at any time you want.

You don’t have a BitMEX account? BIG SIN (lol). Click here to signup.

Same process applies to Binance too. Click here

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